Anal Sex - How to Make Her REALLY Want It

Anal Sex - How to Make Her REALLY Want It - How To ControlAnal Sex - How to Make Her REALLY Want It - How To ControlAnal Sex - How to Make Her REALLY Want It - How To Control

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Here are some great tips for approaching your girlfriend with the forbidden topic of anal sex.

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jackcring: You shouldn't be focused on convincing her to have anal sex, you should be more concerned that you WANT to have anal sex - You WILL GET SHIT ON YOUR DICK, this is nearly guaranteed (believe me). There is nothing more disgusting than wiping your gf/wife's crap off of your penis. Problem solved, you don't have to convince her.

tuberobert1: !? "How do you get them to do it?" "Talk her into it?" "Two reasons why women don't want to ..." "The odds are stacked against you..." Check your presumptions before you preach. This is really irresponsible. Women are profoundly sexual and curious. This prudery just galvanizes stereotypes of women as asexuals who need to be "tricked" Shame on you..

durgaaa: Don't forget when you're 'smearing around the lube" that you may be smearing around fecal bacteria which can infect the woman's vagina. And don't forget about douching and washing out all the fecal material FIRST. Who wants to play in a pile of fecal material? Of course THESE idiots don't deal with the "mechanics" of it-which is the way one gets disease, of course. What un-informed idiots!

maarakailet1: Not a big fan of this particular vid. The deception of sticking it in when she's not looking is grounds for a bad relationship. Discussion is always a must, and if the man insists he should put his money where is mouth is and take the plunge with a dildo first.

rawelkij: this is a horrible idea that if your girlfriend/wife does not want to try something that her wills and thoughts and emotions must be overcome to satisfy the man's need. convincing someone to do something sexually for you isn't necessarily bad, but they should be doing it because they consensually want to provide you enjoyment and aren't feeling compelled or uncomfortable. some women may just never be comfortable with anal sex and their wishes should be respected.

strenghfromwithinXXI: hmm? well i have been in some situations where women where talking about this and saying it feals so muche better then actual intercours. and it was the other way around for them like thay had to talk guys into putting it in the back. not that thay where ugly but to hae it back there the whole time. thay say , and it dose feal more of a sensation of bonding then rgular intercourse.

curtisb3000: The way adult movies make this type of sex look....IT LOOKS FANTASTIC.

To be honest to various on the personal level, most chicks unless they prefer it do not like it. Getting stoked up on watching porn then trying it on your girl - be prepared for disappointing venture. Being selfish is all too easy for a man to perform this on a female. Try sticking something up your ass without lube then you'll understand why chicks are cautious or just will not give up their ass.

IAmJerkingOff: He does NOT look man enought to fuck that blonde skank in the ass.


He is all sensitive and I think he needs to be removed from this video.

Blonde Bitch, stop talking and get on all fours. Send me your address so we can do a proper ass fucking video. I hope you cry during the fucking. That is hot.

I am a nice guy.


guigne01: @BedStuyBro A question, no disrespect intended... why do you say that? Are they nasty for talking about it, because this is not something you talk about in public, or are they nasty for, you know, having had anal sex because anal sex is just not something you do? I know you can't be claiming that people who are not white do not have anal sex. If you believe that, I have a couple of friends who will tell you differently. I'm just curious what you mean exactly...

smalldickie: @TaylorTube4 who cares! the guy loves his girlfriend so he sticks his dick in her shitter hole and low and behold she shits on his dick! the guy has the dick but the girlfriend showed who was the boss by shitting all over it! if a girl shitting on my dick was the biggest problem i ever had with girls id be great!

No0bery: I was hoping it was a joke, they're dead serious... Well ok, anal sex, not normal, but hey everybody has their flaws. something your girlfriend should know about, if you're not comfortable talking to her about that, then either you shouldn't be together in the first place, or your a pussy... Basically

Brien182: @rickyjshiznit. Yes thats true.. We don't know how much pressure the guys arm was in so making an accurate judgment is hard. Although the muscles were weak and he could have pulled it out, it probably would have done some damage to his partner and would have hurt a lot. They probably spent some time trying different tactics. By the time they decided to go to the hospital the man's arm had been deprived of blood too long.. thats my guess at least.

rickyjshiznit: BUT (no pun intended hehe) as the sphincter is stretched it weakens the muscles of the anus temporarily. also even if it did cut off circulation the arm would just fall asleep before it did any real damage and the person would just pull theyr arm out.

Brien182: @rickyjshiznit. The muscles of the anus are quite strange. They can be stretched surprisingly far, more than you would think (it surprised me). The muscles are also very strong in order to hold the feces and control when to release and hold. Although i don't know the actual facts about how strong the muscles are, i do know if you can cut of arm circulation with a rubber-band, I'm sure it can be done with the anus.

Brien182: not to mention the anal cells/muscles becoming stretched and compressed. We all know what that means.. it means you won't be able to control that certain bodily function. also theres an extremely high risk of infection. there was a gay couple who was doing this except they were using their fists, long story short, the muscles locked on the guy's arm and he had to get it amputated due to circulation loss and the other just don't do it.

lilsweeti13: Anal sex is similiar to vaginal sex in that it actually does cause pain intially to a woman. Remember what it was like the first time you ever penetrated your lover, should you consider the feelings that were felt then. It may have hurt, yes, you should always remember what reasons you have for even having desire.

pixiewilson42: Sir ,serious lol,,,you obviously have chosen the wrong filley to ride in the bedroom...lots of gals are far randier than guys,so you've obviously been sticking your finger in the wrong dyke,,,lol,,,try her with some her some flowers,drug her...good luck but don't block x

Toracube: Madame. I will have to block you. This is a serious vid about Anal plessure and the difficulties that occur when the husband is of a randy nature and the woman is suspect in bed.. Not a matter to be taken lightly or with mirth. Good night to you madame !!

pixiewilson42: Oh too bad...maybe you could try this,,,wait for her to get out the shower,,,,then throw her body lotion on the floor,,,,whilst bending get the BlueBand Margarine ready..get her attention onto picking the bottle up,,,then BINGO,,,give Marge a full house!!!!!

pixiewilson42: Well my mom IS called says that back in the good ol' 70's a couple got down to a good bit of backdoor action with the aid of BlueBand Margarine,,,,it was the housewive's fav...made your cakes as light as a feather+greased the door to your barn door a treat,,,try it on Marge!!!

Toracube: Do you mind !!! My wife is called Marge. I have been trying to get her to do this for years. After seeing this I know believe me can. Thank you Dan and Jenn. It will put some of the spark back into our sex-lives. She is watching it now. Good isn't it Marge... See !!!

deagla2: Illuminati=ET kin aka gods, Ea, Sirians, Satan, Pepsi, angels/demons, dragons, hulu, vampires, bluebloods, Al Gore, Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellars etc who rule cults like Freemasonry. Their agenda: continually cull/victimize people via vaccines/other toxins, Codex Alimentarius, carbon taxes, internet 2, WW3 then stage an alien invasion to get a fascist world government/religion with us chipped. Support Dr Deagle, Stewart Swerdlow, Oracle Broadcasting, gardeners and free-energy technology!

tylerthe47: @majesticdragoon but u have to respect the feeling of your partner, if anal sex hurts then u should accept that and not hold it against her untill she feels so guilty that she feels like she has to for u look at it as if she asked u if she could finger your penis hole its not realy something u wanna do is it? its the same for a woman bro

jfkjrlover: Yeah and the only one feeling pain during anal is the woman. If a man loves his wife or girlfriend, he won't engage in something that hurts her, plain and simple. If you don't love the woman you're with, then lose her and see if you can find someone else!

jfkjrlover: Why are you such a selfish asshole? You're not the center of the universe so get over yourself! In a relationship, whether you agree or not, both partners should be treated as equal and neither one's pleasure is more important than the others. Your parents fucked up raising you 'cause no one as sick as you could have come from a good family.

CarlitosDK: first you have to get your girl into ass licking, from you to her. lick that ass like no tomorrow. Im sure shell like it. Whenever shes doing oral on you or youre having sex, prefferably her being on top of you try finger the ass and take it from there. after a certain time that you realize she enjoys anal penetration with your fingers suggest her to have anal sex. buy anal jelly it works. also dont be shy in getting her a special dildo for the ass. make her feel more comfortable.

TheAugustmoon: Interestin'.

I ever heard a lot about back hole love makin' from my best(gay)friend, he said first time's gonna hurt a lot but then the next time attemp would be so much pleasant and gonna ask for more.

I never tried once. But I never say no to the interestin' sex when a chance comes.

adriannyasia: I rammed my girl da first time we did it. Man she screamed!! She screamed so hard that her mother (who was livin' down stairs at the time) called upstairs 2 c what the problem was! LMFAO!! I had to make up a story and tell her that she was watchin' American Idol. HEHEH, the whole time I'm thinkin', boy u better hang up b4 I ram u too!......Nobody safe!

maco10810: There is nothing more disgusting than having poo on your dick its gross and not sexy at all.

If you can do it to a woman then whats stopping from doing it to a man, the whole concept is wrong and unhealthy, thats how you get sick, both physically and mentally.

darcylanderjones: Oh yeah... and as you do it, make sure you ask her if she is ok, if she likes what your doing, if she is enjoying you... she may say something like "Oh my God, oh my god, oh god, thats soooo good. If she asks if you know what your doing... make sure you you confidently say "I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IM DOING HONEY" She'll be so turned on..... then you will be doing it for her pleasure.. thats sexy. and yes I am single and available, and not active. waiting for the right girl... patiently !!! arrggh

darcylanderjones: Cont'd - You'll find that just using the tip of the thumb, will feel much larger to her, maybe because you are inside her at the same time.... anyhooo... quite often you wont even want anal sex, because the reaction to the thumb is pretty awesome, and means you can start doggy slowly, more sensual, more softly penetrating, before really going hard and fast..... it will definately open the door to her feeling safe about anal if you still want that..... ok, no more of my secrets. Darc

darcylanderjones: The best introduction to anal sex is during sex as you move into doggy style, and please, guys, dont even go to doggy if you dont have the stamina to bring it home, sorry its true, ask any women, thats position, she wants action.. but as you are there, place some lube on the tip of your thumb, put your hand on her back, and slide just the tip of you thumb in there, be so gentle.. it also stimulates you too.. she will go wild on this.. If she is not comfortable, stop. its all about trust. Darc

SplatterdaySaints: These guys are anal noobs I AM the ANAL MASTER fuck lube you dont need it iff you do it the right way and the right position my wife and i have anal everyday im gonna stopthere if you want to know the real way
PM me its very easy regardless of pain or lack of lube the right spot counts

electroxjunkie: You guys are being overly sensitive about it. I'm not saying that I'd go blazing in like, "LET ME FUCK YOUR BUTT!" However, if someone is that sensitive about the topic, she's not gonna do it. If it requires that much coaxing and easing. I will agree though; it is better to bring it up when she's already turned on. Otherwise, you guys are being very...white about it? Like, marshmallow fluff white.

Mediocrates7: I think the comments on this video are of greater concern than having anal sex.

BTW: I understand gay men have been routinely taking it up the ass since forever; so let's not have any of this 'it's unnatural' business. If you're properly lubed and rubbered, it's OBVIOUSLY perfectly safe; and potentially very pleasurable as well.

bombertheelephant: Too Easy it's about function nimrod. Your body make up is there and those parts of the body by nature serve those functions. So when your boyfriend next cums up your arse and you get pregnant let me know okay Genius. Wow you're really sharp.Where did you park your rocket ship sexpert. Peoepl have been know to survie drinking their urine as for eating their shit? I'l get back to you on that one but dinner at your place sounds like a bit of a gamble you rocky roader.

surfitlive: @bombertheelephant
Well lets see I pee out my penis so I sholdn't use it for sex since"waste"comes out of it.
Oh &a woman bleeds 3-7 days every month out of her vag so we need 2stay away from it cause"waste"comes out.
No Oral sex since only food/drink goes in &of course "vomit" comes out,again more waste.
Can't touch skin cause pores excrete waste/sweat is always falling off.
Point for the ignorant post/people;
The body is multi-purpose &has nerve endings everywhere for pleasure/pain.

tiredofscreennames: if you're not into it you aren't , i agree no one should be coerced into it , but in my experience some women like it (more commonly vaginal sex while a finger or toy in the ass)
but she has to be willing and turned on, you cant just shove something up her ass willy-nilly.
I say before you get advanced with your anal sex and all that.......master vaginal intercourse , learn how to make her cum more than once .....FOR REAL... then this type of stuf come alot easier.....just my opinion

MortonPed: Wow, horrible video. "How do I talk my girlfriend into anal?" and all the advice they are giving is to wear her down, bug her until she caves, and catch her off guard? What the HELL?
And he implies that only gay guys like anal stimulation. Sexuality is not the same as sexual preference.
These do not seem like good people to take advice from.

DieBlutgrafin: Why are so many men into this idea?

Females don't have prostate glands so there's not... really much pleasure in it for us. Plus, it's easy to get sick (bacterial infections).
I really just don't see the appeal. It's not comfortable, not really pleasurable, and isn't it better when your partner is actually enjoying sex, with you?

There's a reason most women aren't into it. It doesn't need to be, "overcome."

bombertheelephant: Holes, goals? It was juts my opinion. I disagree. A vagina is purpose built (biologically) your anus is your poop chute. As soon as your taking a shit out of your vagina then I'll agree but I guess in the meantime you'll be trying to figure out how to take take one in the ear? LMFAO

bombertheelephant: Why the hell would I want to drive up that one way street? No way. I'm sure these two jobbers are probably really deviant. Even though they look preppy... ol white girl on this vid must love having foreign objects stuffed in all her orifices... where does it stop?

FailBlob: Just go up to her and say "Hey! bitch! make me a sandwich!" and while she's making the sandwich pull down her pants really fast and stick your penis into her butt without asking her or notifying you were going to do so. Never use lube, just go for it. She'll be coming back for more every day after that for more buttsex.

SK39618: disgusting bastards.

how does the girl not shit all over your penis and face.

that's what anal lovers deserve. you pull out your penis and it's covered with shit right after a eating a spicy meal of spaghetti and meatballs topped with parmesan cheese.

blkakim3: after a bit of fucking and she's really hot i slowly rub her anus, to feel her out, so to speak, her reaction will tell you whether to back off or continue. most times they will moan even more signalling that she likes it. You can then insert your finger (s) and slowly tease your cock over her ass. she will be ready to take it up the ass by this time. Don't ask, just do it!

ShimzyKitteh: Anal Sex is actually really awesome! Alot of girls just ride it off thinking its gross, and bad, and it hurts really bad. But actually if you do it RIGHT it can be almost painless. If you do it right. Anal sex is also amazing because if the guy does it right, he can make her orgasm in her vagine, also her anus. Which is amazing

Dinlochavo: If you fellas want to keep doing anal then avoid having children is my advice. My girl was always up for it until we had the kid. Spitting out the brat tore her vag and gave her haemorroids. And that was the end of that...another one of life's little pleasures taken away!
You've been warned!!!

kevinoti: heee heee can i please shagg your arse!!? its as easy as that, whats the worst she can do? say no. this is hardly a topic to make a video about i mean c'mon, make one on how to do it without the bitch kicking and scratching your face off heheheh!!!

jakep40: I only watched half of this video.. and it made me think it was a good idea to trick the girl and SNEAK it in.. so I did.. and it worked Great!!!!! she got so mad at me.. but its cool cause i got it in!!
It was an angry passionate rage.. her eyes were like fire of love and repulsion

rscare: I don't get it. My girlfriend really loves anal. I don't see why she's always asking for it. It must be really awesome for the girl, because I can hardly tell the difference. A lot of other guys say they like it because it's tighter but when your woman's pussy is like a vice grip, it doesn't really make a difference.

kendavis25: This is a joke way to alienate people right off the bat saying that you think the letter or the question is a joke. If want people to take your show seriously then you need to all questions seriously.
You two need a wake up call about your show.
There are many adult couple who like to have anal sex and do it a lot! Also I agree with
kimjustice's comments " read below "
Leave it to the professionals like Dan Savage at least he's real with whats going on.

SmashingJack420: If your wife/girlfriend likes to fuck you with a strapon, just simply say to her "Hon, I let you fuck me in the ass and it hurt a little, but i did it because i love you. So its only fair that i get to do the same for you." (Ladies, this statement can also work in reverse)

RuleroftheGeckos: anatomical fact - after a bowel movement, assuming her diet is fibrous enough to provide clean movements, and providing she cleans herself to certain degrees (takes a shower and gets a little adventurous with cleanliness), you will not have a problem with it.

SeanNaNaNa: dude, why are the people who have their own sex shows so tacky and corny and lame? they're like a bunch of fat goths from the midwest who come to the big city so they can "come out"- only their "coming out" means showing the world how socially retarded they are and how much they suck, as though anyone cares. or maybe it's just that they're really stupid and the only thing they were able to master academically was the one week sex ed class they had in high school.

makc: my girlfriend prefers anal to vaginal sex, I was amazing when after our fifth time together she was like, ok im tired of waiting, I want it in there... I was like... ( being nice ) are you sure ? bla bla bla... she was like yeh It gives me much stronger orgasms... after this day... I have been happy everyday.

1989Alcira: my cousin is a porn movies maker he told me to make some short full naked videos (WITHOUT REAL SEX ) for 22000 $ but i said no he said way u wanna more money no problem ? i said no its just a matter of dignity . Am I RIGHT OR WRONG ??? any answer plz

vagas99: First of you're really rude ok, I don't even know you so I don't know why you would think its ok to go to my channel and write such a rude thing about me on my wall. If you had an ounce of intelligence you would ask me why I felt the way I did, but Its quite obvious you're ignorant so I have nothing to say to you. Further more you have poor GRAMMER too, so fuck of you IDIOT.

hoboboxerjoe: AGAIN you make an idiot of yourself. Lets dissect this sentence, shall we? "I thought you were going to prove how many Grammar errors I made?" well, you capitalized grammar, for one. Then "oh and by the way you are vocuabulary is still really REALLY!!! poor lo." claim to be educated, but I just do not see it. You would fail English in a heartbeat, especially with your self-centered attitude.

hoboboxerjoe: AW, Jaspenly owns you in a conversation and you go right to type-start pouting out vulgar statements and then you say "you're vocabulary" what is "you are vocabulary?" are you fuckin serious? Get off YOUR (not you're) high horse, go take some English Lit 101, and also, learn to stay on topic. This was originally about you judging people's sexuality like you know anything at all about it.

hoboboxerjoe: IF you are puzzled by someone saying "lemme" and you claim to be intelligent. Well, delusions are a terrible thing. So far you have proven nothing but you take your opinion as fact, and you hold your nose up at other people. You seem like someone who thinks that because he digs Hemmingway (who would box you silly) that you are some kind of intellectual. Well, real intellect goes hand-in-hand with wisdom, and understanding of diversity. Which you CLEARLY lack.

hoboboxerjoe: We're guys Shelly! hehe, I haven;t tried with my GF yet, but I'm happy enough to get a blow job from her. She'd never even been given head herself until she met me! of course she was only with 2 guys before, and apparantly selfish ones at that. I return the favors. But after awhile I think I can get her to try. What girls here are down? I know one that tried anal before vaginal lol

hoboboxerjoe: So you won't let a guy give it to you but you'll strap it up and dominate the guy for a bit? I understand the power play there. REally the best way to dominate a guy is to get him to lay down and blow him like there is no tomorrow, he will succumb to your every whim. Minus the whole strap on, that seems like it would hurt, ive seen those strap ons they have lol, like 12 inches!. C'mon a 5-7 inch dick slowely inserted would probably feel great for you, your G spot is easier to hit too sometimes

winitred000: excuse me, what's grose chicky?
Me being 50 or liking anal sex.........for your info.........I don't "try" to like it, I DO LIKE's not something I do that frequently though.........
and it makes me
Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean others can't...........If anyone here knows how old is too old to have anal sex, give me a clue please.........I don't look 50, so I imagine my colon's in perty good shape.......

JesusPaid4You: Jesus (Yeshua) is the Messiah!
According to God, we are all sinners, and the penalty is eternal death! The good news is that God loves us so much He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins for us. Jesus was crucified and was buried, but God raised Him from the dead. Jesus is YHWH, the Lord God. Confess your sin to God and ask Him for forgiveness. Call upon and believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. You will be forgiven and will inherit eternal life by believing in Jesus Christ.

winitred000: anal sex is medicinal..I'm 50 and I like hurts going in but so what? It loosens up your butt muscles, everything is more limber after ...and you shouldn't get poop on your peter....if she goes to the bathroom regularly --USE A CONDOM IF YOU DON'T LIKE WASHING YOUR DICK AFTERWARDS....duh...once you get past the pain it's great..I have the tightest butthole in the world....twice over.......and I still like it.......he could live without it though...probably because of the "gay" stigma.

Terrythestud: when i want anal sex with my woman i tell her i want to stick in in your ass and push your shit in.she does not like anal and to be honest i would not do it again as it hurts her and when you hit the vinegar stroke its hard to be gentle :).i have some tips you can try during sex
1:ask your girlfriend to play dead
2:ask your girlfriend to play angry pirate you cum in her eye and kick her in the shin

vagas99: By the way do you even read what you are writing? "seriously you need to go learn how to type properly" what the fuck was that HAHA! keep writing back ok, I am having alot of fun at you're expense so please don't stop writing back ok! you're very amusing, I like talking to IGNORANT pricks.

vagas99: No you ugly FUCK, you're VOCABULARY is that of an elementary school student, you should not talk about "typing properly" you can't even form a proper sentence! you are a fucking IDIOT and you still don't know the meaning of Grammar you fucking prick. you know what point them out you fucking idiot! so everyone can know that you have no idea what grammar means, go ahead.

Jaspenly: Grammar is spelled with an "A" .

And that was a pretty pathetic sentence. You made a lot of " GRAMMER" errors as you like to spell it, seriously you need to go learn how to type properly, because frankly, you type at the level of an elementary school student.

vagas99: You incompetent jackass! do you even know the meaning of GRAMMER, you're fucking incompetent, you need not tell anyone about their grammer because you do not know the meaning, and by the way you might want to work on you're POOR VOCABULARY before you talk about someones grammer, I feel sorry for you its obvious you're in desperate need of attention, unfortunately I have none to give so fuck off. "Offended? If in any way, by you're grammer if anything" was that a sentence? HAHA how old are you.

vagas99: WOW! Ive got a genius on my hands. you're an incompetent jackass OK! Im a very educated person unlike you're self, if you're going to dispute someones intelligence you might want to work on you're poor grammer, Im guessing you're an old uneducated white person, in fact im pretty sure you are! but Im not even going to stoop to you're level because Im bigger than that. one more thing, you might want to separate "amirite" I guess you're trying to say (I am alright) Im still puzzled by "Lemme".

luke666808g: so if u want to put ur dick in a womans butt, it means you want to put it in a mans butt? Does that mean that if you want a woman to suck it that means you want a man to suck it? Does that mean any activity not centered around the vagina is gay? Seeing as that's the only part of a womans body that you could've replicate on a man? Other than titty sex, but you could do that on a fat guy, so does titty sex mean you're a gay chubby chaser? Where's the logic in this?

floeticdeath: I have t say, I think anal sex with a lady may be some underlining homosexual activities. I mean if a guy wants to do anal that bad.

then again, I don't. There is nothing wrong with wanting every part of her body.

I knew a girl who had a bf , that's all he wanted. Turns out, he dumped her for a guy. If you are obsessed with anal, Its a problem. Then again, anything obsession is dangerous.

vonkiser: My girl is drop dead oral vag AND anal.....and it is all losers who are calling other fags for liking anal are saying that because you are lucky to even pussy once a year!!!!! Enjoy ALL of your woman and let her enjoy ALL of you..........LOSERS!!!!!

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vagas99: Are you really asking me if Im retarded! I think you should be asking you're self that question, I don't know if you're a guy or girl, but if you're a girl and you're making you're boyfriend have sex with you in you're butt you're NASTY! or if you're a guy and you're having sex in you're girlfriend butt you're GAY! and you need to stop living in denile.

Tjtjboy: If I were to answer that question. I would say have casual sex with your girldfriend with the TV on and a porn of anal sex on TV at the same time. I think that would make the girl think about it and eventually want to try it. Especially if you turn her on.

assfuckt: Anal Sex is the only sexual pleasure I enjoy with my partner and the primary reason why I choose to be gay.

Butt fucking your same-sex queer or transgenedered partner is more enjoyable, intimate and kinky than boring old straight-sex. Besides, oral face fucking, rimming, scrotal and prostate stroking, anal fisting, even old school Amsterdam-style assfucking feels so good, esspecially if your partner enjoys a hairless, clean shaven genetila area, wow!

Lube up and insert that hard gay cock now!

patrio1995: These materials are insane. Wake up humans, coz noit even the animals do these insane acts. God has given us the genital organs to enjoy with and that's why we shall not try any other way to enjoy with, such as predicted in this sick lesson ot the comments given.
Humans tried sex with animals and anal sex and therefore we have IADS and lots of genital organ's sickness, from which we will forever suffer.
You may try whatever but by doing so u spoil the pleasure from the organs meant for that.

cartonhead: first off, I'm not gay and second I know how to give pleasure to a woman by fucking her ass, you turn off the lights, fuck, roll over and fart, your poor woman she must feel really unhappy with your small dick, send her over to me for one night and she'll never go back to you.

celestialheath: Oy vey... really? All this fighting over back door vs. front? Granted this video is awful - the only thing it makes me REALLY want, is for DanAndJenn to stfu and stop touting their own personal opinions as valid sexual health info - but hells bells kids, why on earth do any of you give a rat's ass about what other people happen to enjoy in the privacy of their own homes? It doesn't affect you; just chillax the fuck down about it, yeah? If you're reading this and actually legitimately interested

petergonefar: hold on, she just said that I should respect in my girl doesnt wanna dick in her bum but I can still overcome that? Like by overcome does she mean convince her? like the title of the video?? wtf? If she says no, and I want to respect her decision, it means no anal sex dumbasses. It takes 3 seconds to say that.

blaze290jt: Ok, you butt is an out hole, not a pleasure hole. Porno is indeed distorting mens brains! Anal sex isn't something I would ever want, to me a man that wants to have anal sex, is also into guys because the only way, other then oral, with another man, is the think about it. It's gross, and DANGEROUS!!!! If you rip back take alot longer to heal, and you better hope you don't have to poop, cause you will then have an infection...then what?

MXxOxXM: MEN HAVE ASSHOLES TOO and they sell strap-ons, they have prostate glands that respond very well to anal stimulation (women don't)! What is the obsession with women only receiving anal sex in hetero relationships? Porn is distorting male brains, so many sad insecure men out there, what a shame.

Orion1232: P1Kage: I think the core issue, when you get right down to it, is the fact that Americans, in particular, are prudes. Any talk of sex is shunned and considered dirty. Just look at the stigma attached to a girl having sex in the first place. LOL. It's ridiculous.

P1Kage: not necessarily true. alot of chicks love it-but they dont want to admit it because it makes them seem like a really nasty girl. I've been with a couple of chicks who said they had their biggest orgasms when getting it anally. But both needed to be very "relaxed" first so they could get to the "bad girl" place and really enjoy it without guilt.

P1Kage: more next time.The NEXT DAY tell her how GREAT it was.If she doesnt bring up ur exploration ur gold.If she says not to do it again-dont.If ur gold then the next time use ky &use ur thumb&slowly work in 2 knuckle(all of it)-rub her clit.If shes still ok replace ur thumb with ur C &go slow.Finally be prepared for a lil poo if she ddnt have time to prep for ur big moment.Not always but occassionally it happens-dont freak.Man up.U caused it.Get over it and make her feel its no big deal.Its worthIt.

P1Kage: been there with a number of girlfriends and here's the scoop-most of what they're saying is true. here's what worked for me: After three or four times of doing it vag style- get her drunk -THIS IS A MUST - get her in the doggie position. While working the usual locale, lub it with the regular stuff and insert a fingerTIP. If she jumps back it out and continue to work ur usual magic. If she slowly pulls away (thats normal) go slow & gentle. If u get to the second knuckle, stop there and plan on

marq1348: Most of the people are desperating for sex tape in youtube. But it is impossible to find it in youtube. Againts the TOS. I have a free porno site that is good in my bookmark, just wanna share with you guys. Here is the link. Sex.leafyard.c0m

I have a great site recommend for you.

redking15ca: The first time was really spur of the moment and she LOVED it... But when we went through he preparations and bought desensitizing lube it hurt her and she was... err... backed up for days...

The sucky thing is her libido has been down lately... so anal would really come in handy for "getting the job done"

jiggamayne03: yea but are you saying anal "orgasms" are more pleasurable than regular natural orgasms?? and doesnt it hurt idk how ppl say it doesnt hurt. your anus shudnt be spread out that much so pain is expected,not pleasure. im not arguing with you i just wanna know cuz you sound like you know your stuff

Kojitsu: Honestly if it hurts her, you're doing it wrong. I've known girls that loved it and said that it didn't hurt at all. It simply requires a little preparation, getting her to relax, and using lots of lube. If you do your research and know what you're doing, you can let her know there's no reason why it should hurt if done right, and then she might be more open to trying it.

MrsMachin3: that previous comment is closed minded.
BY THE WAY, "thebudha4886" When having anal sex it can actually be better for who ever is recieving it because you have more nerve endings towards the lower end of your spine, and you can have stimulation there, which some people find better than regular vaginal orgasms. do some research!

Thebudha4886: wow thousands of years of human evolution and this is an important topic. Anal Sex.



jaxuserid: ... If your honey bunny fails to comply, threaten to find some pretty sissy and stick it to him. That might get her attention. Not only that but sissys always keep their tunnels clean and you can hammer away as much as you like on a dude, even a big time flamer. A chick may get all squeamish over this. Maybe its time you jump the fence a few times a year.

The very best of luck with giving anal to chicks. I know you guys love treating your girls like filthy whores from time to time (at least).

jaxuserid: Make sure if you do talk her into anal sex that you thoroughly clean your sword before vaginal penetration. You can pass germs between these to areas and cause an unwanted visit to her veterinarian.

I haven't heard of any specific cases where this has happened. I'm just echoing what I've heard in the past.

Fortunately I don't have this problem. I don't date chicks. I've always been open to anal sex. For some reason straight guys really like stickin it to their babes bum hole.

7omnia7: I had anal sex with only 2 girls. Very few girls like it. The first girl sort of taught me how to be very careful cause she already had that experience, the second just wanted to try something new. But if a person doesn't want to do it, maybe it's better not to do it.

jazza699: you didnt really have to tell me that because i already know, i was filming you fucking my mom up the ass hole, and then her bowel gave way coz she's 78 and she shat on your dick before you got her to lick it off and then hooked up with her. it was a classic scene to watch coz she has warts that u popped with your dick before the puss covered your pin dick shrivled up in your scrotum

stitcheslove: mos def. if the guys is cool enough to give ya a lil rimjob beforehand, and he eases it in, its totally cool. though i honestly think its gotta be with someone special, because regardless it makes you feel like you have to shit real bad. ive only done it with two different people, one of them being my fiance. haha

krapink: these guys are retarded they don'tknow shit. I stuck it up 10 girls asses in about a month and all of them lubed up NATURALLY and had a pleasureful experience. no fucking docter visit. Sure there assholes were a little sore, but that was it. SO stick it up there, although a little anal licking is recomended.

pumpkins0: ...You're actually telling people to lie to their girlfriends? How sweet.
WELL I have some advice too people, be honest to them, but also considerate. If you lie to your gf about personal things then not only is your entire relationship a lie, you're also being a dishonest asshole. Once your gf finds that out, she'll be 50 times more pissed than if you just told her the truth, and will most likely dump you for a more respectable person.

HonRevPTB: LOL!!!!!!!

And yes she does care, in fact she's a little pre occupied and pissed off about it. Just goes to show, never never tell the truth when a girls ask you personal questions like that, even though they say they won't get mad, (They're lying).
Thank you for sharing and totally showing your ass.

Your summation was just brilliant.

Boomhower212121: 117 girls probably means at least 110 sluts. Sluts like anal. Did you actually not put those 2 things together. Also if you have a girl beside you who doesnt care you have been with 117 women she is a slut because she has probably had more or around the same amount, which is why she like anal. Also Dr. Drew is a faggot. You fail at everything.

HonRevPTB: I did not advise in any way, shape, or form. I mentioned nothing at all about unprotected sex.
What I was getting at is that these people are coming from a very subjective stand point and sounded like they were foisting it upon viewers as fact. Take someone like Dr. Drew, he comes from a very objective standpoint and provides factual information.
I used personal information to support my point, as did the girl I was hanging out with when we posted that initial comment. These two are milk toast

WeMustBeStopped: Semantics, semantics...Sorry, I guess I should have said "a pipeway whose outer labia come in contact with urine, which is sewage,..." Surely you get my drift, I was just trying to put the act of sex in perspective for Mr. Ickypants WAELOTH up there. Boy, aren't you a little stickler? ANAL retentive, even (Hee hee, I had to SLIDE THAT ONE IN THERE)

HonRevPTB: You two are complete idiots and pretty damn clueless! I'm 36 years old, I've slept with 117 women in my life so far. I would say honestly that at least 85-90% of those girls enjoyed anal sex and 75% were at the very least hyper pro anal sex! You're also wrong about the anus not lubing itself.
I don't believe you two people have any right or enough experience to be giving people any sexual advice! You sound less educated than a couple eighth graders! The girl here also says you're clueless!!!!!!

WeMustBeStopped: The bible does not specifically cite any exchange between the genitals of married lovers, aside from the metaphors regarding oral and tactile contact of them in Song Of Songs. The bible, using the term "fornication", which is defined as any intimate contact outside the union of marriage, does command against ANY non-nuptial relations. The bible says, "All things are permissable, but not all things are beneficial." You appeared to draw a blank there, just wanted to help you out. How'd I do?

WeMustBeStopped: As opposed to putting my "Deck" into a pipeway for regular urine excretion and monthly uterine tissue evacuation. Insertion into any orifice is a hygenic conundrum no matter where you go about it. And, for the record, I should hope that any couple answering questions on youtube about sex had BETTER be fucking.

waeloth: You people are taiking As if Women are animals, For god sake....How dare you discuss such disgusting issues. Anal Sex is sooooo Yaaaak. It is Putting your Deck into shit Sewage. This is the cause of many deseases, those two people speaking are so fucking (whores)

bethslifebeforedeath: you shouldn't ever try and talk a girl/guy into doing something. Ok, you can say you mihgt like to try it, but if they don't want to, then they don't, so leave them be. A guy spent ages trying to talk me into until i felt guilty for saying no, said yes, and it was only a tiny bit in and it REALLY hurt (no lube, no warm up, thats how much he cared about me) and now i'd get really angry if a guy tried to talk me into doing something.

moorigs: butt sex rules.....the best way to introduce it is to start with a sensual massage, play with the butt and kiss and lick it, then if she likes it, a finger in there is next, then if comfortable with that, time for the dick, but use plenty of lube btw, guys if she wants to put her finger in your butt, let her, you will love it and no, don't worry about turning gay

doelstu: Ps. Every woman who has indulged me has enjoyed it and had very powerful orgasms (me too - the tightness and intensity make for unbelievable (hit the ceiling!) orgasms for a man) . I think most women are open to the idea but you have to put in some thought and effort. You wouldn't want someone to cram something in your ass and go to town right? Get to know every inch of her intimately. Get to know the whole woman - that starts with the brain.

doelstu: Afterwards, tell her how hot that was and make sure she doesn't feel like a tramp/ho/skank for indulging you. Rub her cheeks and shower kisses on her ass. Don't let her think you've done something weird or whatever. Cook dinner and watch a chick flick with her. Let her know you appreciate her indulging you. Try it again after a week. Make sure to tell her how good it feels. Then do lots of other stuff so it's not deemed a "fetish".

doelstu: As far as getting your cock in her ass, she just has to be incredibly turned on and open to the idea. You know your girl but the steps leading up to it I mentioned have always worked for me. When you are inside her let her hear you going crazy (while going very, very slow). Make sure her clit is getting lots of attention. Timing is crucial here - you need to cum before her in this instance. She will likely come feeling you pulse in her ass. Get out slowly but fairly quickly.

doelstu: Continued. Next time you are in a doggie-style position, tell her how amazing it feels and how pretty her little ass is. Whisper in her ear to rub her clit and your balls. Gently work your hand down so you can press your thumb against her ass. Tell her you're going to cum very soon (slow baby!). When she comes see if she is open for another orgasm. Cum on her ass (tell her you want to first!). The idea is her ass is incredibly sexy and puts you over the top orgasm-wise.

doelstu: Continued. The next time go down on her again and repeat the aforementioned steps. If she is warming to the idea of her ass being touched, gently press your finger (well lubed) against her ass while concentrating on her clit. When she slowly opens put no more than your fingertip in her ass. Bring her to orgasm while very gently pushing into her. When you know she is coming you need to very (very!!) slowly withdraw your finger and resume just pressing against her ass as she comes.

doelstu: Okay guys, a couple of tips. Try oral after showering together. Gently brush a finger across her ass as she is working towards orgasm. When she is totally turned on and nearing orgasm, gently press a finger against her ass. She has to associate your interest in her ass with a powerful orgasm (try many). Afterwards tell her how amazingly pretty her sweet little ass is - keep "anal" out of the conversation. You have to put in a lot of time (think weeks) but she has to feel comfortable!

christo9her86: Just fucking do it and if she don't like it then finish up and say sorry and all that then just do it again whenever you want. You will never get done for rape if you have been fucking her cunt then you switch to the asshole. In essence, JUST FUCKING DO IT

CyborgNinja7: This is really pathetic. These two are supposed to be knowledgeable on sexual matters, and yet they left so much out of an important topic. One: should you really do this if you have to "persuade" your partner? Two: there are many medical issues that should have been at least mentioned besides "you can cause damage and embarrass yourself."

ScragVicious13: me and my fiancee do it all the time we go for the all 3 start off with oral and then vaginal sex then finish off with anal its great and u dont need lots of lube cos it loses the feeling for both of you just use small ammounts and have fun try rubbing her clit while fucking her in the arse its all good fun =] n btw bareback is btter =p

itbarthur4u: Some couples do this to help prevent pregnancy. Definitely talk about this before trying it. Not using enough lube and being too forceful are the main reasons people refuse to try it a second time.

Learning to relax the anal sphincter is another important step. Use of lubed fingers or a small sized vibrator or other device are most effective.

Water based lube and condoms are the best way to keep things as clean as possible. Things that are well lubricated are more likely to come out clean.

totalfuckinloser: All these pathetic women (leoluver1441 stand up) who are prepared to do things they don't want to sexually out of fear of losing their boyfriends,try getting a personality and he might even come to enjoy your company.Women should do anal cos they enjoy it or cos they're curious, not cos some toss-pot pressures them into it.I can almost forgive your bloke going elsewhere - he's probably after a woman who doesn't come across as so pathetically desperate to keep him.Where's your self-respect.

GottaLoveRazzy: You can have anal without hurting a girl. Any sex play (unless it's S&M) isn't supposed to hurt. If you take it slow, if doesn't hurt at all.

If a girl is willing to try it, good for her. My boyfriend never asked me for anal but I knew he wanted to try.

TACxupete: Whats inside the anus before fucking it?
if u fuck it, the muscles arround is going to painfully squash ur beloved cock. and if u make it to rough, u might make a small wound in the head and it will be infected with the bacteria inside and filth it with her crap. Anal sex doesnt worth it. not even saying its sex. (Whashing the anus doesnt work)

JaydeHadfield: This does not make me want to have anal sex, and sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but there really is no way of ''making her REALLY want it'' if you're not into it, you're not into it. You should find a style that suites you both without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

MultiManmade: Hey everyone ignore this slimey peice of sh*t Mrdoctorx, this guy likes to harras people who cant defend themselves including girls. Hey mrdoctorx...what kind of a man are you CHUMP!!! that likes to harras women and harras my boy?? would you fight your own sister or your own mother being that they are women themselves?? Mrdoctorx is the typical women hater just so yall know what kind of a scrub he is

Izy43: well the trick I kinda used would be not to puh it too much.. the last couple girls I dated I got them interested in it after getting them really turned on through phone sex & then elaborating on why they would love it just as much.... though its easier when you're dating a masochistic girl^_^

Bburningcrusade: I like it when she comments that anal sex might seem evil. Personally, evil sex sounds very hot to me, I also doubt anal sex is really as forbidden as she makes it seem. I've never had it, but its all over the internet. I believe she says it best by referring to it as social stigma. Even if men haven't tried it, its seems very alluring. Personally if a women isn't willing to try it how much does she love you?

Mrdoctorx: ngbulldog: I HAVE! lots of lie, meth will do the trick, beer will work sometimes...rub your bone across her asshole (doggie style) and ask if you can try...if she says no blast your load on her asshole and try next time. eventualy you will get your way

WishingXBelowXDreams: lmao me and my friends were talkin bout that the other day XD
like if u have a small dick u mite as well be gay XDXD cuz this one guy at our school got shanked XD
well if shes got a loose vagina then she's been around and i rly woodnt wanna be w/ her o.0
well if u dont wanna use a condom just fuck her in the ass and when ur gonna cum pull out and cum in her mouth
theres stuff to make ur relationship more entertaining other than anal sex XD lol

MrCathouse: If thats what you wanna think, then you go ahead and think what you wanna think. And no, you will shut your mouth because if someone else cant do it THEN I WILL!!!. You have done nothing but spout meaningless stuff that made no sense at all and then you go and fawk with one of my freinds. Thats just bullshyte, you can go ahead and pick on people of whom you think is weaker than you are but you wont pull that sh*t with me because i will put you in your place no two ways about that

Mrdoctorx: dear Mr catshit, do you think you are fooling me toesucker, you are wacked and noboby cares what you should wait a few days after setting up another account? are tooooo easy. I will say what I want and you can shut your mouth ..I have already checked you out , trust me

MrCathouse: Just like what i said little b*tchboy, i dont care if you wanna talk all your sh*t to me behind a computer monitor because we all know you have more courage when its not face to face. But lately i have been hearing some reports about you harrasing Spitzbully. And so far this sh*t will stop because if you got funk with him, you will have to take it up with me ok!. Now i dont wanna have to have this little pep talk with you because i think i already made myself perfectly clear

Mrdoctorx: I recommend some meth or coke (works every time) start with 69 and eat that pussy good! ..fuck her for a while and get some pussy juice dripping down her ass crack, flip her over and doggie her then pull out and rub your bone across her asshole and try slipping in slow...if she starts bitchin go back to the pussy but make shure to blast your load on her browneye for punishment

Real454545: I did put her on her back, took out my prick from her cunt and started robbing her asshole with it, as well as her clit . I created confusion in her head...then plugged in her rectum while she was moaning in pain while rubbing her clit....until all of much was in till the balls....her asshole turned pink. she grabed me from the butt. yet moaning in pain...I started shooting in her rectal cavity.

Mrdoctorx: best to try it when your girl is on her period and wants get get off light with a hand job or b.j...plead with her to let you slip it in the back door and chances are she will feel sorry for you and let you slip in but don't expect her to be in a good mood the next day...after a few times she will get to like it and you won't have to endure the bitching. besides it's a turn on to the string hanging out of her beaver as get ready to blast in her advise is based on my REAL experiences

ad1666: I like the starfish portion of this vmedia, thank you for the animal exhibit, also mite i suggest you include more pokeman in this content. However i was most unpleased about the zebra showing. I wan un intreiuged by the sea lion show. Also the digimon were not proffessional looking. good day citizens. lawr

rwasta7007: if she has a loose pussy or ur dick is small, there is a pretty good one, if u dont want to get her pregnant but u dont want to use a condom, or if u feel like ur relationship has become 2 typical, and the rutine is killing u. not a big fan my self, but fuck it

reshmasinanan: anal sex is really good;
i tried it today and i was not tense and worried,
once your excited about it and want it baddly (horny for it lol ) it will got amazingly well.
especially make sure YOU take charge and let the guy just lay backk and then it will be wonderful (:

traviezo1707: I have taken alot time to make my girlfriend want anal sex, I didnt think in ay way she would enjoy it. Now its an all time thing around our sexual life. All i did was just tease her every time we had sex, We would fool around wyle having sex and slowly she was intreaged because I would tease her anus so she just ended up accepting me and wen I least expected She asked me to go and buy some lube. Once I got home she was spread wyde open to geting Anal Sex now She loves it..

ianlike: i gess he knows how to make his bf want it, but how does any guy know wat a girl wants? this video wasnt about "what does a girl want?" it was about how to MAKE some one want it, so in that case the same tecniques will be transferable from a guy to a girl,
but hahha i appollagise and i take back the moron remark :)

mohamed050mona: i think that the guys who didn't try anal sex and want to try it is crazy about the ass and don't know how 2 enjoy from that . but all the subj is the ass is the center of shit so what if u tryed what u like and then u find a littel shit in ur dick and smell that shit .. i don't think its good and enjoy by the ass not the asshole ...

XxComablackxX1937: I think Marilyn Manson said it best in the 90's. ''White Trash get down on your knee's, Time for Cake and Sodomy'' - Song Title - Cake and Sodomy LOL!

Anal sex is great, Just got to find a woman that enjoys it. An actually has a nice enough ass to put it in.

jriley2008: im gay and ive been having anal sex for years now. its called patience, safe, safe, safe patience... alot of lube, alot of patience, try smaller toys first, then go with fingers, and start slow with his tool. The first time isnt suppose to hurt if done right.. and if it does, stop dont do it until you're ready, start the steps over. it can be wonderful!


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