Big Penis - Will I Hurt My Partner?

Big Penis - Will I Hurt My Partner? - How To ControlBig Penis - Will I Hurt My Partner? - How To ControlBig Penis - Will I Hurt My Partner? - How To Control

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My penis is 7.5 inches long. I'm a virgin and do not want to hurt my first partner. Am I too big?

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MsJaniceHayes: WOW 71/2 whole inches. Dude, that not that big anyways. my husband is 8 3/4. REALLY! and we have the best sex. it does hurt at times cause he can get kinda excited and forget about me : ) but all in all it feels great and just relax and you should have no problems.

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Philosophy903: @Slamwoo93 lmfao wtf lol, omg, that was funny as hell, its ok man everytime i get hard on it makes my leg straighten out all the way and i look like a amputee

Slamwoo93: @Philosophy903 it's hard for me to bring out my troubles,but what happens is everybody stares and i can't run or jump cuz it can hit me in the head and knock me out also if i see a hot chick and it gets hard i lose consciousness and i fell in a come twice too

tritonrocks: My wife and I have been together 26 years. We saw this video and had to comment on it. It's not so much the length as it is the girth (diameter). I'm long and wide, so the first time we did it - we were very careful - lots of lube, etc. The width was the challenge - if you're not careful, you can stretch and hurt your partner. As time went on she began to "accommodate" me better, and we've had no issues since. And my wife will tell you wide is more satisfying than long!

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kevinyuni: @gww101 well for that in tijuana mexico they have a donkey show where this girl takes a huge donkey cock in her BUT i guees there must be a good explanation for that

gww101: Anyone who doesn't really think that these two are making up the questions themselves are idiots.
It's SO obvious that they are both wannabee You Tube stars.
They wan't to get a f**king life !!!

kevinyuni: the common vagina can take up to 11 inches,thats how deep it may be, but if a girl is a virgen it will hurt , the girl has to be ready to be penetrated so that it wont hurt as much

hybridcatthing: Loving your video, but you missed a super important tip here- guys who are longer... man on top works WAY better in terms of female comfort because he can control the depth of thrusting, and avoid hitting the cervix. Girl on top just hurts.

MegaBustaman: Exaggerated inches! Come on, on average white guys are definitely not that big. Much less to say it will her to the point when a vagina can stretch to give birth to a big baby.

ginkiba3: Stop saying that your cock is yea big, it's the internet! A little kid who's age consists of a single digit could say his cock is 13 inches and people would believe him.
Every women that I've meet doesn't what massive cocks impaling them in mid coitus, and if big cocks were so desirable then no one would be bragging about size because the "small dick gene" would be wiped out.
If your small, go after the a small girl, if your big go for a big girl. In the end it's all about making the parts fit.

gurpst: girth is better than length. if the penis is too long it may bang into the cervix and hurt her during intercourse. exercising the penis is a book that can help men increase their girth. iron man penis is good but it's pretty technical and not for the novice. good luck.

nadir0206: Im 17 and not a virgin. Ive done it 5 times and i have an 11inch dick and 13inches when im hard but also thick which is the most important thing when it comes to pleasing a girl. Also i have skills cuz that's number1 thing when it comes to sex..Girls, hit me up ;)...Aol screenname-xxillistkiddxx24

bworiginal: This video is so dumb. They aren't sex experts, they're just running their mouths. And the guy seems slow and a bit retarded. He is so tacky and corny. But, 7.5" ... obviously he is a virgin. He thinks that's big.

xVThisMyStoryGVx: black guys dont have the biggest lmao, its white guys. think of it this way, black is slimming so that most likely affects how big a black guys dick looks.
(sorry responding to some1 but forgot who XD)

DMalenfant1: @ImAddicted2Boys No, that just lets everyone else know you have a cave that is way too loose for pleasure. I would just tell the bitch your shit is all busted up.

There is a reason why 4-6 inches is the norm. Women through out history like that size best, if not and wanted bigger or smaller then there would be more guys with the genes for 6 and above or 4 and below.

rdiggity1986: um if the highest rated comments mean anything then me being 9 inches doesnt really appeal to anyone :/ im still a virgin myself and im 18 i hope it doesnt hurt that special someone

EmoGirlsAreWhores: Of course it's going to hurt! Bitches complain more that the penis is too BIG than too small. Girls always tell me that I'm the biggest they've ever had. They can't even grip their hands around it.

dlr113w: I'm 17 years old and I have, on average erection, an 11.5 inch penis. Most guys lie about it, or have poor measurement skills, but I've used tape measures, "Peter Meters", and even my girlfriends forearm, and there's no mistaking it. I always thought that average for a guy was 9 or 10, since it seemed almost genetic in my family. I want to know why on some days I'm only 8.5 or 9, and others I'm 11.5 or even up to 13 inches long(my knees), with no real constant measurment.

ImAddicted2Boys: for me i think average is best im mean they are not 2 small nor are they 2 big... but than again some like it different size.. :]] But telling a dude is dick is to small, wouldnt that like mess up his ego?????

bertiebomb: I have only experienced problems when slapping her in the face with mine, but then again... I am HUGGEEEEEEEEE! mine is at least 11" but my girl is not a virgin, should I try introducing her to a black guy, my friend Asjad swells SOOOOOOO big, but then he does get all the girls, and guys, and puppies! I walk around naked all the time and at least she can see me :)

therflo13: I'm not sayin you should put the girl in the emergency room via augmentation. I'm just sayin that I've always assumed that when people say, "5 or 6 is average" that is it was either a cruel or inside joke.

weedipikia: Wow, I have the same problem right now. It doesn't hurt when I lay on it, but I can't stop trying to pop it. It seems unpoppable and as you say, meaty. Funny that we both have this at the same time. Maybe it has something to do with the change in seasons.

TheWindowsHack: Mines 8" long and 6" round and I'm still a teen in London. I read Americas average size is 4-5 inches long. So if you ladys want real men... England is where it's at. Lmao

animegiant06: @baguazhang2 thats not a fact. it doesnt make any sense. if the average man was 3 inches larger than the average, wouldnt that make the average change?

krueger711: Just because women can stretch to the point of passing a baby's head doesn't make it enjoyable. In delivery some women even have to get an episiotomy (incision into the perineum and vagina). My sister sat on an inflated ring for a week after her first born. As possible as it seems when you see porn vids of women being fisted, understand that their vaginas are not the common ones. Of course foreplay and lube will help the situation for the over endowed. ;)

xXblackhawczXx: Lol lady gaga reminds me of that question. That song she wrote is like I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. Lol you like well if it's as big as a horse not much you can do.. except ride it!

pycckuu911: lol it mostly matters how you use it, you may have an 9 inch but you cant play with it right.. so dont be too full of your self when you have like 11 incher, you most likely never gotten laid.

mikescashflowsystem: Ok question for women. Let's say you have 2 men who "know how to us it". One of them has a large tool and the other an average tool. Which one would you prefer?

FICKFEEanal: these two are sooo fuckin awkward and groth, they remind me of some child molesting couple i once saw in te tv. get them to jail before they hurt someones little kid...

hpretty1: honestly i think any woman wants a guy with a big penis because of the fact tht u have preconceived notions that the guy can please u better or w.e which is true sometime othrs its very painful i wouldnt mind havin a huge dick nd i dnt mind small one thts wen four play kicks in right..? besides tht ide fck like tht guys like it tight right lol:D

Soap706: stop telling the kid crap, how r u so sure that he's done growing when he's about 2-3 yrs into puberty. cause boys start at 13 and girls at 12 so how answer me how the heck u know he's done growing, listen to me WestMidlandAirsoft ResgistrationCOP does not know crap.!!!

QuePasaAlejo: i think it is about how you use your tool.
but if youve got a big one it takes less effort :)
7.5 is a great size but its not like BIG. my ex was 8.5. but ive seen bigger.

personally, if you're a 6-7 or bigger i think you're good. any lower than 6 i feel sorry for you :p

5STARG3N3R4L: Does Violently Shoving You Finger In your ass Count As Losing Your Virginity :/ i need help ..... i may have lost my virginity many times ? Cheers x5STaR G3N3R4Lx

thedudeiscj: Honestly as long as it's thick enough, 4 inches will do the job. It's only four inches deep on average. Five and a half inches is average for an adult.

ryguydrumboy: @mufc187 lolo i dont know y ppl think 7 inch + is unusual for 15/16 year olds .. its not see 13-14 year old girls with big tits now.. same for guys getting bigger faster. deal with it sorry u werent over 5 inch when u were 16 lol

enforceone: Oh yeah, when I make love to my woman she spells every letter of my penis as it slides through. Its a has a long name too. Its so thick her farts could only escape as whistles.

phorse: Wow, your anatomy is fucked up.You're one of those girls I was talking about, in my previous post from months ago. You're a liar. Every girl I've been with could not go all the way down on my penis... And, the one girl who COLLAPSED foward while I was behind told me not to go so deep, because it hurt... Go away troll.

phorse: Wow... I really hope you're female, because if you're not, you're a freak...

Hitting the cervix is caused by being to long, not sucking in bed, Idiot...

TheNameTooSexyToShow: "Its not the size, its how you use it", this means you need to pleasure a woman's mind... not body. Its true ! Women are very sensible (trust me on that).

wsu4ever: lol... just rest reading the comments.. there are some pretty pathetic people online lmao.
wow! i hope that one day you guys will pull yourselves together and stop acting like such kids. wow :D lol

ClassTrouble: jk about 2.5 lol But if were gonna have sex were haveing STFU! SEX I only wanna hear three words come out your mouth bitch
1) "Oh yeaaa"
2) "My first name"
3) "Breakfast is ready"
Otherwise STFU bitch "stfu sex"

baguazhang2: Here's a fact: The average man has a penis that is at least 3 inches larger than the average. He is typically worried about being too small, and asks people on the internet if he'll be able to pleasure a woman with that size. That's at least what I've learned from online discussions.

KoolJayJ: Hey I have a gun in my pants too, though it doesnt shoot very far and has virtually no recoil. Also it only has one to three rounds but it regenerates by itself given time

bunanapie: Ok so i have a huge monster dick this thing is like 12 inches long and it is a mouthful, Whenever i cum its like the worlds biggest cream dispensar, it could fill about 7 coffee cups (trust me ive tried)
so anyway

whenever i fuck my tight asian girlfriend it hurts the fuck out of her, and i are sad... what could i do to overcome this huge monster cock of mine, please reply to this problem of mine

kristyloren: I never really considered size an issue and I still don't be I hit the lottery with my new man. He is huge and sensual and just huge and gentle, it's the best sex I have ever had. I get wet just thinking about him. But the best part is that he is gentle and loving when we are doing it. Rock on men!!!!

phorse: Having a big dick sucks, it's totally over-rated!!! Don't let women fool you, they're so full of fucking shit! I've been with around just under 20 girls, and I can't recall a single one of them that didn't complain and say that it hurt.

Kirbyguy007: people in pornos have larger than 13.5 inches because they have FAKE DICKS. its not like a joke or anything its like surgery or something no jokes. on some pornstars thier dicks are black and they are white 0_0

JayBoFaSho: because 13.5 is the largest recorded penis by jonah falcon i came across this in my studies as well so if someone does claim to have a penis that big or larger tell them to go on the news or make a documentary cuz they could be famous for it...

jmx318: i have the same problem my penis is too big for my girlfriend to handle and i still dont know what to do,
she has had roots before so i dont know.... am i just hung like a horse orr?

JayBoFaSho: this is so true i am 17 and i have a 7 3/4 size penis and because of my perception on porn always viewing a large made me think i was average or small. at the beginning of this video i thought they were being sarcastic when they were mentioning his size as if making fun of him or doubting him and that is when i started to dig and saw that average=3-5, large=5-7, and xlarge=7-9 i feel bad for all who lie about size... and dont belive anyone who says they have bigger than a 13.5 inch penis cont...

JayBoFaSho: what your like 4 inch dick
cuz you aint got no 15 inch if you do then go on the news you lying fag because jonah falcon has the biggest recorded dick at 13.5 inches. your a lame ass faggot and your only lying to yourself

FailBlob: My girlfriend started crying when I first put my penis in her. When I asked her why she said that it was sad how my penis was so small that it could barely even penetrate. :(

christinab3305: My bfs penis was 8 inches when i lost my virginity and it hurts but if she really cares about you she wont mind cuz it will always hurt for a girl. Yea I agree be very gentle with her

thenatureinme: @kungfu2u2 The female vagina is on average only 3 inches long! If you ever witness childbirth, then you would realize how absurd it is to presume, that female sexuality is in any way reliant on any form of physical pleasure!

thenatureinme: @kungfu2u2 ...of course that is what you want to believe. What would be the alternative? That males rape and females whore themselves? No, so you create this world in your minds where females love sex, masturbates, watch porn, have orgasms and can't keep their legs closed... all inclusive of a fictional god to reign over this parade! You delusional creature. Go back to your roots, to nature go learn from the animals how to behave and reinvent yourselves before it is to late for all of us!

thenatureinme: Females were never meant to enjoy sex! Like with all the animals in nature, it's merely an abrupt act of insemination. With felines were the males have barbs on their penises and polar bears that have an actual bone, the sex act is actually designed to cause pain, as this gets them to ovulate. Females have been 'homosexualize' in human society apparently to make them more attractive to males, as society seems to have an invested interest in large human populations!

mufc187: probably true. that's how you can tell there are a lot of sexually inexperienced people on here. the suggestions that 7-8 inches is normal or even common is laughable. anyone reading this who has a penis that big will agree with me because they will have been made aware by girlfriends/partners that they are large. things such as pornography confuse perceptions. the truth is that the vast majority of men are all within an inch or so of each other, with obvious exteme exceptions at either end.

deathreaper131: @MoonPhaseHazuki Umm uhh , 13 right, umm , you better be one hell of a guy using 4play if your planning on losing your virginity soon ,and make sure you do it wiuth another virgin girl casue if you do it with a girls who has experience then your fucked.

jonsai83: Yeah i dig. You are right about that. (hind sight) maybe that's why i never successfully had sex till i was 18. go figure i always thought it was because i was too small.

mufc187: a load of bullshit, i'm afraid. anyone 8inches and over is going to hurt any girl who isn't a pornstar. once you get into 9-10 territory, you're unlikely to ever get a decent lay or blowjob. it's just too big and awkward.

mufc187: It may be possible, but it's extremely rare. Around 1-2% of grown men have a penis above 7.5inches. Given that boys still in the stages of puberty still have a lot of growing to do, I'd say it's very unlikely that anyone 15/16 years old saying they have 7.5inches is telling the truth. They will also damn near rip girls their age in half.

blackstersherron: Size, size , size what a myth, what it really comes down to is how you warm her up b4 you start. It's called 4play for the virgins and young ones. Which involves touching, kissing and licking, you may use talking if you want, but not needed. Those are the things you would need to kick things off, if you do it right sizes wont matter, unless your are to small or to big for her comfort,.If you still have no clue what to do still, I will give u my address, send the money there, sorry no checks.

HoratioNel: To be honest, I'm not much good at providing consultancy in this field but, like everyone else, I spend my entire life thinking and philosophizing solely on this subject, i.e. I do nothing else. Nevertheless, sadly, the only solution I can come up with here for myself would be the precautionary measure of going around asking every woman I see, whether her marriage gear is dimensionally beefed up and equal to the leviathan task of providing a parking lot for my youtube.
Horatio Nelson

Hottiegur567: Oh hun don't worry about the size that much..... Guys in alaska are hung like a horse........ nearly 9 inches up here I almost died when I lost my virginity haha just kidding but it hurt...... just try to take it slow

Killuminati17: I'm 13 and i have 6,7 inches fo real..
No gay but one time i accedentely run up on my dad naked and he had a HUGE thang...n I'm kinda dark skinned maybe no coincidence..

AlisshhKiDD: Ummm when I place a ruler on me starting just from my 'parts' 7 inches stops just below my belly-button. So yeah, that would hurt lmao XD (I'm not freakishly small T_T I am 5' 2" and 16)

smalldickie: those are the same big teenage cocks ripping up all the pussies. how is my 5 inch cock supposed to enjoy the pussy when all the big cocks are stretching it out?

Aven8herouT: jus go down on her guys, lick it man will make her aroused and cause her pussy to expand and my dick is 8 inch and after im done going down on her i jus shove that shit in ,...and thats it!! remember babies come outta

jonsai83: ok people. It's very possible for a 14 15 or 16 yr old to have a 7.5in dick. I'm 26 and when i was 16 my dick was7.5in. Since then it's only grown by 1in. Put it like this if you can hold your dick with both hands guys and still have at least an inch or two left you are good to go.

mensenkijkenrocks: It's not just how u use IT, its how u use everything! Every thing! Fingers hands lips tongue teeth arms legs hips words voice eyes..... everything. Sex is not just a penis in a vagina... Its so much more. PS: Big is good, makes em curious. And they will tell their friends! Makes them curious too!

KatrinaXXXbaby: Personally from a Vagina point of view :], i hate longer guys. Anymore then 5 inches hits (because im not a medical advisor im not going to say any names incase its wrong) "the wrong spot", goes to far. I deffinitly prefer thicker, then longer. Who wants to bend over during sex with a broom handle in them, I'm All For Thickness!!
Look up Mattinks videos and take his "is my penis big" test!!

smalldickie: NightOwll, when I was 12 I had a little 3.5 inch penis and took it out and all the girls laughed. Even the teacher looked, laughed and said "put your little pee pee away, no one wants to see it!"

smalldickie: TheOrangejuice999, this makes a lot of sense. If most girls can take 7 inches easily than my 5 incher is tiny cuz whenever it goes in a pussy, the girl always says "is it all the way in"

NiteOwlIII: I have a 8 inch long dick. I am just 12 years old! I fucked my girlfriend in our classroom while we were reading books i sat next to her and opened her pants and mine. The teacher never caught us!

TheOrangejuice999: People, 7 inches is not "big", it's slightly above average. Unless you're above 8 inches, you cannot say you have a big penis (with girth too, of course). Most women can take 7 inches EASILY, it's not that impressive.

Yggdrasill4: Without the added sensitivity, they begin to start fucking like jack hammers to reach orgasm as a form of compensation to the loss of nerve endings, also the foreskin acts as a sem-lube relieving the partner from producing vaginal fluids for both parties.

Yggdrasill4: Well, now I thought their is a new trend concerning sensitivity (so that men could have more intimate/passionate sex with their partner), specifically with being circumcised or not. A 3 inch uncircumcised dick would have more nerve endings then this guy who has a 7.5 inch dick if his dick has been circumcised.

BRWeigle: Too Mjhjr2, I can imagine that women would find 8.23 inches long ideal, but I have a hard time picturing a woman wanting a penis that is barely smaller around than it is long (especially considering 8.23 inches IS long). Can you provide a link to the research you mentioned, as I'm curious to see if that's true?

And fushYEAmangs, wow *facepalm*. Either you have an EXTRAORDINARILY large penis, or you are VERY insecure about the size of your penis. COT'D

fushYEAmangs: lmao too big? 7inches?!?! you have a fucking tree stump, your short, go learn to use your hand, dueche cause you aint goin to get anything with a 7 inch dick lol

smalldickie: good luck with that. i'm 28 with a 5 incher. It always keeps falling out the pussy. That's cuz pussies get stretched out by big fat cocks. You treat a woman right, you will get her in bed. That's how my dick gets so much pussy!

mjhjr2: According to a recent study compiled over 12 years (over 300,000 participants), the average size a woman finds IDEAL (and yes, keep in mind it's average - some women prefer more, some less) is 8.23 inches in length and 7.5 circumference. So don't worry yourself about if you're average or not.....

TakumoZ: 7,5 inches ?
What the heck this is small ?! it's about 19 cm. My Penis is about 20 and a half cm. And I never thought about it being "that" big?! :D:D

smalldickie: my penis is so big that one time i was at the beach and a wave came and my swimsuit fell down and several attractive women and girls laughed and pointed. they were amused by how big it was!

foreverguga: Mine is 8 inches when I'm aroused, I'm also a virgin and I worry about it sometimes.

Everybody talks about width, but what is a normal width? I guess I'm more of a long narrow one darn

HomemDeFerro2007: A queer was at a public toilet and I saw a japanese by "his" side with a big penis:

- What? A jap with it so big? Let's go to my apartment, NOW!

There, when the jap took his pants off, he had it smaller than any child does. They gay says:

- What happened? How did it shrink so much???
- Japanese uses that bamboo to avoid peeing on his feet!

fssjkatana: Actually, as I had just watched this video my gf was next to me and we discussed it a bit. Men and Women are generally the same in their thought processes. Where men compete with other men about penis size, Women compete with other women about breast size. In reality, bigger breasts cause back pains, and well We both have our issues there. So where it's one big competition, as these two say. It's better to focus on how to please your other, and not about the size. thanks for the video you two.

sjktss: Me too. I can't remember what movie that is from.

How 'bout this one:
"Damn, she got a big p***y. Damn, she got a big p***y."
What movie is that from?

MissBiitchB: ii completly agree ...
if its a shared first then the girl will be in pain not because of how yoor hung but from the stretching of her vagina =/
personally ii think guys should cut themselves some slack =)

GTA4Life666: Ever heard of google? Just type in 7.5 in to Cm and google calulator will just be the first result. But you should have an idea of inches because thats how penises are measured.

FanUltimate: I had a lot of doubts over my sexuality during many years, but a black male changed my life for ever: a huge penis 9 inches long smashed my doubts... and my bum also.

Casanuda: My girlfriend is pretty small and these tips are really just unhelpful. Gentle is pretty obvious and sex that lasts less than an hour isn't worth the effort.

mstoner49505: 7.5in isnt big, its just high average, average being between 5 in and 7.5 in... falling short of that is small, and sucks to be you... 8in to 9.5in, good luck not getting laid... 10in plus... sure the girls will be impressed, but fear isnt the best way to go about it

(keep in mind this is all assuming your girth is within respected ratio)

Inbetrieb: if you´re dick is very small...well....try study mechanics and think about an investment ..guess what: yeah - horse dick transplantation!´s your choice

JackyLum: all i hear from this programme, is "be safe and use alot of lubricant", anymore of the answers?

anyway, i read the article bout size actually doesn't matter, cause a vagina accept all kind of sizes, even as small as a finger will pleasure her... just how you going to perfom that is ^_-

mantooth3290: 7.5 isnt huge but its definately big. idk y u say it's nothing. 7.5 is actually the average erect size for a male pornstar. I wouldn't say most male pornstars are 'nothing'. I know this statistic cuz i work in the adult industry.

FarenStormbull: The bitch sounds like that hooker i shoved my 75 incher down her throat last night in a fucking mansion that i fucking robbed and then raped the owner.


fucking black people

wyrmoftheflame: You completely forgot foreplay! If you (general male population) are concerned about your penis length, as in, it's too long, then you should be concentrating on arousing her to the point that she can 'take' your penetration. That is the best way to determine comfort. Shame on you Dan and Jennifer!

FanUltimate: last year, I changed my boyfriend, who was an amateur boxer, by a supermarket guard, who has a 8.5 inches penis long. Today I'm the happiest gay in the world each time my boyfriend fucks me.

sunshine35anddaffy: After reading the comments on this video, I burst out laughing. I promise you, half of the men posting comments on this video are talking about their "13 inch penis". I will bet a ton of money that AT LEAST 50% of the people saying that on these comments are LIARS. =) Good day to you sir.

lovefool49: I know a boy who's 8 inches soft and is past 13 inches when he's hard.and he's only 15. He finds himself so unlucky though because no one will have sex with him, all the girls who see it are too frightened.

smalldickie: the women always want me in all the way. im 5 inches. it would suck to have a big one and do a girl with half ur cock while the other half gets no twat!

amartinez7: lmao... I can tell ur a little kid... Im not even that big and Im sure I have been with way more girls then u. I can see going down for that long but finger... the other thing is most girls dont want it all the way... get to the right spot and work it.. u will learn as u get older... btw im 7.5 cuz ur young and interested..

tbk01: Is 7.5 inch that long?Am i screwed if im taller than that? Will i never fit it completely in a women? Why was i born a black guy?D:

Jokes....Had nothing to say to this video was pretty good, a lot Better than Dr.Pauls Videos

speed4mike: Wow, you really did write the song..... Feel sorry for you bro. Fortunately, I can't relate to your song. I am caucasian WITH a package. Not 8 inches or nothing like that, but fuck, I'm well over 6. And I definitely get laid.

Maybe you should try some asian girls. They are extremely small inside as well as out. Unless you're on 4 street, you'll be fine.

MrMinMinMan: Use plenty of lubrication and go slow ...I am 8.5 inches and have slept with many Virgins/Tight ladys and have had no complaints...Finger the vagina for a good Half hour before inserting a Large Penis...Cmon guys its not rocket science

CrankItEveryDay: I'm only half an inch while hard and inverted a couple inches while flaccid, Can I please my partner? Oh and my nuts are about the size of large baseballs too. So I was just wondering lmfao!

speed4mike: That's BS. SIZE MATTERS ALOT

Listen to the dice man. Fuck her like "the red head". Kill her and make her cum 3 times (or more) and she'll love you forever.

Sure the first few times, she might want you to be gentle (for the first 2 minutes). After that, all bets are off. Give her the whole bologna sausage (yes, I'm Italian). Make her remember that you are her lover. How do make her remember... with 7 inches, work her man!

gmccall22: 7 inches...hahahaha...i got 7 on a soft...seriously ! i've heard some women say the pain is pleasure, to an extent.. i'd rather listen to a woman than a man about what a woman desires..

some women told me to go nice and easy and slow
some told me to go hard and fast..what's the deal with that shit ?...either way is cool with me..

TheMadStrangler: 7.5 in length is all you need, anything more in length is really unnecessary. What matters the most is girth.

Women who desire bigger penises fit into these categories:

1. Women who have had many sexual partners.

2. Women who have given birth.

3. Older women in mid 30's and up.

vandos11: im 5 inches girl friend cums every time just remember lick it befor you kick it and when you kick it move with some passion let her know you love it tell her how good she is concentrate on her feelings and everybody cums

dieyoung: what. the. fuck. if that person who asked this question actually exists (speculative), i doubt hes going to have to worry about his first partner for a while.

hotdrumchick: Hahahahaha!!!
Did Paris Hilton teach you math, sweet?!?
(And since we're on the subject of math, they say a person has sex with one, plus the last seven that person slept with, which means you've had sex with......NONE!!)
Luv ya!!

sjktss: 3x3=9 in my book, hotdrumchick. giving head to only one guy REALLY means like 36. you've given head to 36 guys?!?!? 36 guys?!?!?!? don't worry, some dork just claimed to have 13". i would say he has 1/4 of that.

sjktss: How many ever men women claim to have been with, you must multiply by 3. If she says that she's been with only 2 guys, she's really been with 6. Now, for guys, if he claims to be 15 yearls old, that is really not his age, it's his IQ. And, if he claims to have a 9 inch penis, cut it in half. It's really 4.5.

gracedigir: If A BABY comes out from the Pussy Gato a BIG HOT DOG can GET all THe Way IN. Of course is not gonna hurt you make just mouning of pleasure, oh yeah, oh yeah, OH YEAHHHHHHHH! LOL

knink24: Wow u guys are losers for lying about your penis. Im a 20 year old male and ive bene sexual active ever since i was 13. After sex, my ex talked to her girlfriends about how great are sex was and about three weeks later i ended up sleeping with my girlfriends best friend. I dont think tha 10 inches is big in my opinion but for girl i guess its big. Well do you girls think i was wrong for sleeping with her and also is 10 inches big to you.

panteraxchick: omg im watching her in her room on camera right now in a pink skirt n white top @ webcamfreak.notlong. c om shes on there with 3 other chicks and they are all getting drunk on vodka and they are really really hot this is so incredible ahhh!!!

itSahotNeSS: the majority of you guys on here need to prove that you are really the size you say you are otherwise stop lying! i meen i love big dicks but not guys who talk themselves up and then when it comes to getting down and dirty they turn out to be smaller than said..................

smalldickie: thanks, lol, my dick is so small everytime it goes in a pussy, the woman asks "is it all the way in?" and every woman who sees it for the first time asks "does it get any bigger?" for being small, my dick has gotten a lot of pussy

healcannon: Great vid! I appreciate people taking time to answer other people's questions on life's more touchy subjects, that otherwise might be embarrassing for other people to even ask.

smalldickie: lol. than you must feel real sorry for me. mine's only 5 inches long! it gets hard and pretends to be a manly dick but alas it is the size of a little boy's lol. oh little penis, the pussies that you have visited and cummed in that have been stretched out by much larger dicks! lol.

candygms: actually, bigger is not better. Being a girl, any thing that is too wide or too long DOES hurt. So guys, if you have a long tool, make sure your girl is not just trying to pleasure you by hiding their pain. (Different girls have different depths)

ReduceGHGs: strap on a rain coat!

'Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change'

Learn more about climate change.
Google... NAS Global Warming

"Beats" just thinking about being bigger!


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  4. I'M 16,very shy, my mothers friend wanted to have sex with me, but when it was in, she made me take it out, because it hurt too much. She measured it, 8" long, and 8" around. My question is, can any women take that size, it seems normal to me, but she said it's too big. If it is, can I make it smaller some way, because I don't want it.


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