How to Draw Manga Eyes, Four Different Ways (pt.1)

How to Draw Manga Eyes, Four Different Ways (pt.1) - How To ControlHow to Draw Manga Eyes, Four Different Ways (pt.1) - How To ControlHow to Draw Manga Eyes, Four Different Ways (pt.1) - How To Control

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ShadowSword32: @jichan13 Ya, its a hard process you know. I hope that I can be one, but there is already So many manga, that Crilley-san's manga isnt extremely popular. PLEASE have a backup career

yujagli: Hello I do not speak English, but I try, I like your drawing, and started to draw but I would like you to tell me what kind of pencil you use to draw? please let me know to improve my drawings, my email is:

in that mail I can send the message of the type or name of the pencil to draw.

^ ^ Bye


Chrryface: I luv your manga pics xD I draw too but I am horrible at drawing guys....have any tips you could share about drawing them? =D and also do you have any tips for drawing 3/4 view especially on how to do the curve thing with the far away cheek? (boys and girls) thnx i wuld reely appreciate it

joka109: amazing - just wondering what pencil are you using? - or is it just a black colouring pencil (becuase its too dark for a coloring pencil - if so what make is it?) thnx

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N8wood1: everyone please check out the video of my Oil painting. It took me 5 months to finish and its 4 feet by 6 feet. let me know what you think of the piece. the video is called - Monumental Oil painting- from start to finish

TheCathyheart: i only watched your videos but i did get better by simply watching them i always draw my eyes similar to the fourth pic but of course not as good as you

ritamariez: @qyx6amhk Actually, Manga/Anime isn't THAT hard to make. It's actually quit easy once you get the hang of it! I'm only 10 and people tell me I'm great at drawing anime!

denisaii: Whats the name of that pensil! penn.... realy need to know... so i can do some great things... working on my own manga and i have seen you all how you do it.... got me more intress to draw! =) ty alot

manga0RULES: Um... I need help with something. I can't seem to be able to draw hands no matter what I try. I can draw everything else but hands! I suck at it!!! Can you make a small tutorial on how to draw hands??? You don't have to but it would really help if you did.

EvanPeelle: Nice drawings!!!!! There are three videos that work best for this, they are:
Secret Drawing Technique Revealed: Perfect Proportion Every Time.
Drawing Secrets Revealed: How To Draw Proportion
How To Draw The Nose and Features

MrDman05: @karlzpivots he said that for people who think there are only ONE way to do everything so that nobody would say "hey its not true, I know another way to do it t!"

karlzpivots: not to be mean or anything but u guys shouldn't follow mark crilley said..."it's not like *the* way to draw it...u should find ur own way...and mark sorry if i'm being mean...ADD ME!

StaneshiftTheWolf: That reminded me of when I was speedsketching at my online school's gathering, and I look up to see people watching me and asking me questions and one asked if I knew any good tutorials for anime...and automatically I shouted "MARK CRILLEY!" out of nowhere lol....the whole gathering was quiet after that.

HaitainBoy352: im tired of manga no offense, but when somebody make something so cool. Many ppl join da band wagon, dats why there some many dang people draw manga instead of real ppl. i use to draw manga but not no more because i found out i can make my own style of drawing. Somebody got rich off of this. i can make my own so i can get rich too. (^_^)

LordOfTheGnus: @GHudston
This is true. (And what I wanted to avoid is mindless insults, not intelligent debate.) The same problem exists, IMO, in the superhero genre: they all look the same.
And yes, I know not all manga looks alike. But a lot of it does!

GHudston: @LordOfTheGnus I first want to say that I am definitely not a fanboy and I hope that I don't come across as one by replying to you!

I think that the mistake in what you are asking for is that manga itself IS the style. You can't have a different style of manga because it would no longer be manga.

There are the "minute differences" that you mention, but these aren't any different than the "minute differences" that define the styles of western comic artists, for example.

professorcookie: Mark has posted another video with 100 different ways to draw eyes. He uses styles from the late 50s to the present. He has a great overall style that is better than most manga out there. It's a great fusion of the best parts without the gimmickery of lesser talented artists. Pencil, ink, brush, colour, you name it, he does it better than most. Congrats to him for his how-to lessons.

professorcookie: I am a lifelong fan of western comics and so did not have an appreciation for Manga. Recently, I have made an earnest attempt to enjoy manga and find myself drawn to early 70s work, a la Lone Wolf and Cub. Mark Crilley's how-to videos show me that there is more to this art than the stereotypical speed lines and comic exageration. His style is a very good blend of illustration and ability. Thanks for the lessons.

LordOfTheGnus: I wish manga and anime had a wider range of styles. The fact that there can even be a "how to draw manga eyes" video sadly demonstrates the very narrow artistic variety in popular manga art.
Now it's time for fanboys to tell me my opinion is wrong and bad and the minute differences in styles are huge.

MrJulios007: this is grat fantastic draw, i love this stile,the manga ´s my life make many time to i not draw nothing, now i go beginig again my pictures of graphic in stale manga viva la italia per tutto noi grazzie per fare questo trabalho perfecto e inigualabile buona sera per questo artista bouana giornada

Selarnia: @ILoveEeyore3445

Good for you....I'm still sort of stuck. But I've improved a lot. I have little trouble with the shading, okay with the fingers, BUT STILL CAN'T FIND OUT HOW TO ANIMATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =_=

ILoveEeyore3445: Yup, the fingers are still hard.. I have them on my facebook.. I'm 11 years old.. haha .. ive passed the eyes... so now i can draw the anime characters fingers in a heart shape which is soo cute! best wishes for u xx

Selarnia: All of them are SORT OF hard for me, you must've practiced a lot. I'm 8~9 years old, and I'm pretty good at this--planning to make an anime called Sky and Earth. How bout you guys? Any progress?

freakmonkey22: @Titanicgirlforever Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that's called a "black, colored pencil".
I've had my douche moment for today, now i can sleep.

SailorMars777: its about a girl name serena or usagi (in jappenesse) that finds out she is the princess of the moon and there is also the Sailor Scouts (sailor mars MY FAV! sailor mercury sailor jupiter sailor venus sailor pluto sailor uranus sailor neptune and sailor saturn! also bad guys but im not nameing all those lol to many!!!

SailorMars777: um.........well Sailor Moon is the best to me but its got a little fighting in it if u consider transforming and using pretty magic wands to destroy evil fighting lol!

marynloveselmo: thank you for putting this video up. the eyes are easier to draw if you just customize them a little bit. don't try to draw them exactly the way mark does, because, like mark, we all have our own style of drawing.

jeremywhite700: no he does talk in his vids. and i also remember him talking in this vid too, but i dont know, maybe somethings wrong with it, cause i remember him speaking in all his vids

iheartcoach4eva: i like his drawings a LOT but i just really don't like the fact that he doesn't speak on his vids. he just shows you, but he doesn't give tips and tricks really. Well, idk if that's just me or whatever :/

LaPriest: women bodies are usually shaped more like hour glasses inmanga in anime while guy have broader top an narrow waste..hope that helped a bit....prob not..

SillyLauren156: hey mark i was wondering if you could make a video on how to make eye brows because every time i draw them it makes my manga look either angry or surprised and mabey show different ways to draw them Thanks

xXKellzBellzXx: i watched this video a while back and i seem to remember it had commentary? no sound is working for me now so did you take the sound of this video or is it a different video entirely?

TheMimiOMG: thanks for uploading this! now i can draw more interesting eyes cuz all my eyes are boring or have bad detail. i also need to practice on making both eyes identical. lol

05ankkum: What a stupid comment you've just made...
You fail to realise that this is art, art is used to express yourself, so you can draw what you want to draw.

swade98: well you should be able to get it at any art store really, i got mine in a set of 60 prisma colors, there really awesome. i haven't check if you can by the black or any color separate but i know you will get one in a pack for sure.

catgrrl09: i personally dont think cross-hatching is that tough, but thats just me. great vid, i love the way u do miki's eyes.
(i have all of the books, by the way :D)

CacaOww: Ouah!! It's splendid what you make! Grace has you I draw really much better now!! Thanks a lot and very good continuance has you! What what you makes am splendid

jakayah98: I have a question...if you can help do you draw people in action and their perspective and the background...and the perspective...yeah I have problem with that.

puertoricanscooby94: wow dude your amazing at drawing! ive watched several of your vids now and they help me learn a couple things, I jst started drawing a couple months ago, and whenever ppl around my school c one of my drawings they think its pretty good, but I kno tht I still need to improve a whole bunch more. I reallly enjoy drawing anime caracters, and sometimes whenever im done working in school I jst start doing my own thing, oh and also tht drawing you did here would be cool as a poster =D

superblah12: Exodus 20:4 "You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below" Our keyword here is "idol" meaning that it's only bad if you worship it. Christians and Atheists alike would probably agree it's unhealthy to worship cartoons...

WazzupDiana: I hate how people say retarded shizz like that!!
'The world will be destroyed by dancing llamas in the shape of apples, that are making salsa, and drawings of people, in cartoonish forms, by the year of 2012!!!! Destroy all animals and artistic or creative ideas by 2011 and we will be in no harm!'
thats how much sense you make xD

xPoptartt: Both of Miki's eyes are different sizes. I know the shape changes a bit, but they look like two different eyes with similar... "insides"? One is oval-ish, one is circular. The left (her right) eye reaches the bottom eyelashes, while the other does not. As great as you are, you still had work to do. This is two years ago though, so I'm sure you're better now.

jrfrecklsekitty: omg mark u have pretty much changed my life i use 2 hate myself because i could never do anything like i wanted but now i know i can draw manga i feel better

JegHeterAlf: Im a great fan of mangas, and I read many of them. I have come to see alot of eyes, but they mostly just gives the face the perfect look, I never actually stopped to look at them. Not before now atleast:P So, I must say you have some awsome skills and my personal favorite was definatly the fourth set of eyes! :)

Summer1989: Wow... You're amazing.... A lot of passion, patience and effort... I'm still learning but I was wondering if I can ask for a request on Yami no Matsuei's Hisoka Kurasaki by Yoko Matsushita sensei. To be honest, her perspective in drawing her characters aren't always consistent but I just love it when she goes into detail on the eyes. I would love to see you draw how you draw it and learned my mistake and try to perfect them. Watching you draw inspires me to keep practicing. THANKS!

clobug98: This is VERY Nice. I started when I was 7, I drew pokemon eyes, I've been drawing for 5 years. I'm still trying to get my heads right. The last Eye is what I do alot. The First one too.

lusibeth: the last eye is very creative the best I've ever seen in the four.

I can't believe we have to have this black thing in the middle.. and white thing near it.

I'm practicing managa. I guess I'm doing it wrong LOL

very nice!

Amirnow93: i have a really big problem.i cant draw the head very well whenever i want to draw someone.every single time i draw the head its a little big.can you make a video or reply cause i really dont know what to do.

igrovirus: Hey Mark i just got your series, and one thing you didn't mention about amazon(didn't mention as far as i'm concerned, maybe i missed it) is if you get all 4 books at once you get one for free as well as free shipping. Basically for only 25$ and some wait you get 4 books which is an equivalent of 2 manga books at barnes and noble. I thought it was a really good deal on your books XD(now i just have to wait :'3).

SolaralchemistX: hello i have a question,

i have the same pencils as you have, i got some talent and i got a ligth table for my birth day but i have a question about coloring.

i know that you can select a part of your drawing on photoshop and select a color but how do i color the eyes because sometimes it has a lot of different colors and if you draw an anime do you color the lines of your drawings?

TheHeartLocket: It looks like a charcole pencil I do Alot of art work like his and I use charcole pencils you can get them at almost any store wal-mart or staples has tham but I get mine at Joanns or HobbyLobby there both good craft stores

BDennyDubs: You should do some Noizi Ito style eyes. I find them to be very distinguished from most artists, especially in the anime.

Oh and you can't go wrong with Kiyohiko Azuma ^_^

zhinshi: what kind of pen exactly???? i want something like that...since i've watched his eyes always falls to the pen he's's amazing...a perfect pen for a fantastic drawing...
i draw but not as good yet i admit...the pens i'm do i say it...they stick to the side of my palm..kinda blotching or strained then sometimes, i'll accidentally wiped it on my drawing and i have to erase it gosh it is painful...all though im trying to be careful it still happen. "sigh"

pokemontwilight13: theres this girl at my school and she is AMAZING at drawing manga. she is so good because of you. thank you so much. you inspire me too. the girl at my school is the second best manga drawer i've ever seen - after you. and no, i am not a suck up. ^^ i love the miki falls series too, by the way. :D

killjoy11178: i also want to add that if it wasn't for you and these videos, i would of never had the skill to even draw a circle, let alone an eye. your awesome as hell dude. thanks for all your help

killjoy11178: dude, i have to tell you one thing, you have insired me to draw my own manga. so far i have 14 pages done and they're well drawn. ^_^ i hope i can be as good of an animator as you man

POKEGIRL23: i am the cross hacthing master it about a year when i started get my manga more amazing.
i am 13 now ... i having on manga since i was 8. when was 11 they good... when i was 8 i watched a lot of one piece., yu-gi-oh and pokemon so would draw the charaters... mostly the human like yu-gi-oh monsters... and sisnt get into it into 10... becoause this girl who better artist than meh did it and i pick it up so yea. my 8 year little draws like weird drawing nothing like mine when i was 8

Mathiasmanga: Everyone has their meaning, but if you doesn't have any good to say then don't say anything. I personally love manga, but that is just one of millions of meanings...

YouCreateTheManga: Want to get involved in a Manga creation project, hopefully to be published!?
Then get involved in writing, designing and drawing by entering contests.
All wonderful artists should PM me to get involved!

Kitten059: after 5 years of manga drawing im just really taking the time to learn how to draw guys.. could u make a tutorial on how to draw men eyes.. cause i draw my eyes girly..usually big eyes with the little bubbles in them and puppels and stuff. oh and they are always high like the last pair of eyes you draw.

greengirl951: the hardest part for me to draw is the eyes and facial expression. Girls hair is hard for me too but... thats another video all together. Ha ha . Great video thought. Love Miki falls too! :)

Unknown2332: Dood!?!
Mark! Benga! hahaha Nice Topic One of the imporant part are the eye because they reflect the characters personality and affection^^

good job though

Arkenarge: remeber i said i was a grasshopper on drawing anime? now im pretty good :D but still along way to go until i can draw books like mark, right now i can only draw strips before my hands start to cramp

lhadyghurl18: i really want to draw anime or manga characters but i don't have the talent to draw like that one. in my state now i can just draw a little like that. huhuhu i love anime but i cant draw them!

k1i9lle9r1a: I want to go to Japan Soooo much... i love Mangas I love Animes and I love EVERYTHING Japanse.

man u r goood veeeeery goood. and i'm happy than i'm learning to draw from the guy like you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

ilovealankenny: man people who can draw anime have like a gift or something.... i try hella hard and just comes out a mess. i try heaps hard for the eyes... since i love the eyes

crazykoolaidkid: thats mean, when you say "no offense" then proceed to talk about what's wrong with it and how he sucks, of course when and if he reads it YOUR comment WILL cause offense.
its like me saying this to you " no offense but if I took cookie dough and rolled it across your face I could make gorilla cookies" now see how that could cause offense to someone? don't use "no offense" as a shield in front of something that is meant to cause offense.

TMTLive: sorry for being a smartass, but I don't think there is a way for proportions to be wrong in manga.
there are just commonly used ones and less commonly used.
Oh, and saying "no offence," before "but you stink and suck" doesn't make it sound nicer at all :P

colorheartz1: the last one is sooo pritty! i wish i can draw like you i can draw like little tiny cute pics but thay just don't came out as good as yours maybe i can make a video with my pics?

nx47: Lol, couple years to get cross hatching right? - I study Graphic Design and it only took me about 1-2hrs or so to get some what good at it but really a day of practice to master it in different shades and tones of the picture O_o`

1giggles2giggles3: cool can you give me enytips on how to draw my manga eyes better i mean i can get them the way i whant them but some times im way of please replay thank's

GodAdmit: I like your character the most. I like how you drew her eyes. I have an obsession with eyes, and yours just stood out more, so good job. Your really inspiring.

ichiku13: sorry... but its easier(did i write that right??)to tilt the head.. it looks better and im not saying your not good at drawing.. i do beleve you, but i have the feeling that you only can draw the characters without movements...cuz then you almost always tilt the head...

lynn12346: those eyes are really good ,but my question is why do you always tilt the heads it makes them harder to draw....oh and i can draw anime and manga really good allthou i dont have a camera
and i cant draw on the computer very well

LilyMariePattin: I read Miki Falls. I never got to finish the series, but I really liked it. I just randomly clicked on this vid. I didn't even know it was the artist of Miki Falls. How cool. lol

MusicalGumiWormProd: You Are A Mother Fucking Pathetic Piece Of Shit, Your Drawings Have Waaaaaaaayyyyy To Many Fucking Flaws, Your A Pathetic Bullshithead And You Have No Life, I Know A 13 And A 14 And Another 13 Year Old Who Are Better Than You, I will eat your first born son and rape your first born daughter then fuck your wife and buttfuck your moms corpse, and then sleep in your bed while cutting off your dick and balls, then shitting in your fucking mouth shit head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckiiee88: I bet you couldn't draw better then he does, And if you'd like to criticize people about their techniques, maybe you should consider getting a life, Jackass.

KissMyButtOk: Hi, it says what he's using on his profile....Here is all the copy and pasted info.

"What I use in my videos (found in art supply stores):
--flesh tone marker: PANTONE 162-T (TRIA)

downangels: cool!i drawed the first one (right eye brow to high:( is was kinda a mess but it was fun but it looked to me mroe a boy thn a girl the first one the other are definly girls :P

Sirena1411: WoW mark my respects.! not if I can send to my email leaves where you drew the eyes, hair, body, etc..! Please I need to learn to draw anime YY 5 stars!!
you are my idol !! yehaa!

lynn7000: i love ur manga eyes i havent ever seen any like it and they are very good i hope to be as good as you one day because thats what i want to do is draw manga and such but i hope someone as skilled as you will teach me and help me get better

blackatron666: this will help alot for me mate thanks for the uploads

i can never get the eyes right but by following these i will get them correct

and keep up the drawing because these are amazing

Basalisk172: really the one thing that shows your manga style is the eyes, when your mind finds your style it's the one thing that doesn't change hair nose mouth etc does but the eyes don'tshow wile you have the time perfect your eyes before you're stuck

rh150: one thing ive learnt about eyes is that the smallest adjustment to any line really effects thier emotion. ive ended up with the wrong emotions and sight direction many times.
Although saying that when it works it looks real good... practice makes perfect i guess.
Keep rockin it Mark

Kits413: I like the cross hatching in the second face, cross hatching its self is an art, easy to do, hard to know when and how to use it and make it look awesome.

ClubPengytips: @whydontyouremember
hmm if u think people that cant draw draw manga, then why did u search how to draw it? i bet u cant even draw the eye of a manga character, let alone a whole character... ahh you... the art of people who are retarted

RadiationxHazard: Being a realism artist, I can tell you magna is REALLY hard to draw if you don't know how to position the eyes and the face properly. Don't hate unless you know you can do it.

Magna is difficult to draw, no matter how much you deny it. It isn't all googly eyed girls.

chinocracy: One observation I have is that, the taller the eyes are, the younger the character seems. When eyes become more horizontal, the character looks more adult. Of course, that can also depend on the eye style of the artist.

You use Prismacolor? No wonder the lines are so dark.

claudyyaya: i think your way of teaching is really good.
i wanted to ask if you can do a video on how to draw anime babys.
i am having a baby shower soon n i like to draw babys around the house.

plz it would b awesome if u can before november....thanks

TheEmopink99: im only 12 yrs old... but i already started manga since i was about 7 or 6.. i forgot..!!!!

and i made a cute boy with one of these eyes 4 a short time... it just came out... its so awesome.. thank you

ArtisticUchiha1: i think the 3rd would be cute if it was on little kids it's my 2nd fav. but i just love miki's eyes. u says it takes long but it's worth it.i really luv it when artists make there eyes stand out =3 mikis' eyes 1st fav ^_^

no100yang: anime is moving manga and manga is like a 2d book or a drawing on a paper, so that my friend that ur just watch is a manga and those shows u watch are animes. =3

cornflash: It's probably a very soft B-pencil. B stands for black and leaves more graphite at the paper than an H-pencil. H stand for hard. From the look of the lines it must be a 7B-pencil. Anyway, he calls it a Prisma Colour black pencil.

petalsucker04: i just noticed that you're using different pencils..i wanna know what type of pen you're using when you are drawing the final draft of the whole figure..i mean the black pencil.i think it's a little bit different from the yellow one..isn't it?! i noticed it as i also watched some of your videos..

marudesoramitai: i used to draw Vampire night, Shana, jigoku shoujo, 07 ghost, code geass and some others anime eyes. but kinda fail....... i wonder what was my mistake?

Purplepeanut2: They are amazing!! what pencil are you using?? I do my eyes different to all them lol but i suppose theres billions of ways to do them!! i love the last ones they are gorgeous xx

taismo4ever: Wow That great eyes.
ps Carrythesememories Selfcentered Much?or just a braggart? i mean i like your anime eyes i guess carrythesememories but its not nice to comment peoples vids with only rude things to say.


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