How to play Hallelujah piano tutorial

How to play Hallelujah piano tutorial - How To ControlHow to play Hallelujah piano tutorial - How To ControlHow to play Hallelujah piano tutorial - How To Control

im sorry i dont have sheets

Check this out:
this guy is totally blind and has a very difficult background but he is still following his love of music. check him out he is on a mission to get 10000 subscriptions please help him out

nikhil borra

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MrSuperPhun: @drumgirl1313

i meant the for the left hand. It is nice that he posted them as he played them, but it would have been nice to get it so i could see it all at once, instead of writing it down. the right hand is always easy, and i change it depending on the verse.

thanks for trying, though.

tleija1: Loved the tutorial!! Very helpful! I also love what you said about how there is no such thing as talent. Just patience and a desire to learn. That is very true. As for all of the comments where others tried to correct your chords or say the chords are wrong...they are wrong. There are many ways to play a song. They may just prefer a different set of chords. I have been playing since I was a kid and I play by ear. I rarely play a song the same way twice. Great job! keep it up and keep teaching :)

sexyasianlatinlover: I think you are playing something different from what you are telling us in the chorus. During the instruction you say Fmaj then Am, but you play Fmaj to Cmaj...

VHeup: Thanks so much for your lesson. I read sheet music and was searching for it, but came across your lesson, and now I can play it!! Thanks again SOOO much!!

centerXstage16: @cky727 yea i agree.... see for me who doesnt know how to play piano hardly at all... i didnt even notice the foot pedal i was focusing on the chord progressions so everyone needs to calm down

xxxShadoW92: Well explained man! Those who "can't understand" either are not focused enough or are untalented to the point wher any lessons are futile.thumbs up and fav! =)

pappybball: i have never played piano in my life and this song inspired me to learn and never having to know notes this song was very helpful that i can now say i am a self taught pianist with the help of the this talented guy

kenpomaster95: i'm sorry, i have to disagree with some people, it think the petal makes it harder to learn. and if u don't think so then i don't understand how u can think it makes it any EZer. but that is my opinion. in the song u have to hit e g a like a milion times in a row at some points, the petal makes it almost imposible to tell how many. but that is really the only flaw, other wise awesome tutorial

Beandipa: Thank you so much you dont know how helpful this is, but maybe next time you post something you should say how you would play it and then say the chord progressions but very nice jobyou helped me so much

MrBreakboon: this was a very usual tutorial! it's nice and easy even my mom likes it :)
BUT one thing: the Em should I play a bit higher because on a buffet, it doesn't sound very good

Soturibardi: thank you for thia tutorial! I've been playing this song and was so pissed of 'cause I didn't want to learn it anymore. I was practising th left hand like it's for example, in shek version of Hallelujah. It was hard. So its nice to find some easier way to play it, but which isn't too easy. thanks a lot!

celest3alove: I'll have you know that as I woman I can sing this just fine. Acctually me and most of my FEMALE friends can sing it and do so very often. So, no, not ONLY men can sing this version.

cky727: Everyone complaining about the pedal needs to shut up, it does not affect the tutorial, you can still learn the song perfectly. It's not as if he was playing it to demonstrate skill, he was showing the chord progression, lay off.

RWstunts: better to invert the chords and play the bass in the left hand, example, first chord is, bass note *C*, G, C, E, C, G, then it will be easier to move to the A minor because u only have to move one note

Greatleader123: Dude, lay down on the pedal... and you are realy noobish if you think that taking the easy way and not inverting your chords sound better. Oh BTW... you know only that only the men can sing this version. Many woman may find it easier if you play it in G for them to sing.

MadameGaga999: I thought that was amazing... i learnt most of it. Can you give me the sheet music or the chords from the left hand with the melody from the right hand on top. I can never get the right and left hand at the same time. I thought that really helped though!! Thank you very much! x

Imaopdk: it was actually good for starters on the piano (like me) but i do agree with taking the foot of the pedal because the remnants of previous chords didnt mix well with the current ones

DreamDanceDarex3: okay this is confusing me,
your saying that we have to hold the F chord down during the chorus, but then your saying that we have to arpegigate or w.e all of the chords in the song. do you want us to do that for the chorus, too?

bollyandhoodaddict: it is just the is called major because there are no seminotes involved..u dont really need to know...u just play the chords..dont worry about major and minor..if u need to know u will be taught or you will know..i know it because i m a music bit complicated n i m really bad at explaining O_O..but dw... <3

MoNecik: Of course the chords are wrong, and one chord is missing. Here is the explanation: He is playing C-maj, Am, C-maj, Am, F-maj, G-maj, C-maj, G-maj. And then C-maj, F-maj, G-maj, Am, F-maj, G-maj, (watch now) E7, E-maj, Am. He is missing E7 also instead of E-maj he suggests Em which sounds not right. Just try by yourself. This song needs the delta chord no matter what key you are playing in. I'm not blaming anybody, just trying to correct the chords, so it sounds like it should. Thanks!

AliceLeNaour: Can anyone tell me in a '' easy english '' what does he say at 0:50 about the F maj, the A min, F maj and C maj G maj C maj ?
Is it the '' following '' ?
Thanks :) !

AOGpi: MoNecik,
He's not playing the wrong chords. He's playing it in a different key than you. The key of C, which he is playing in, just happens to be the easiest one.

MoNecik: Wrong chords. I suggest using: I (G)heard there was a (Em)secret chord, the (G)David played and (Em)pleased the Lord, but (C)you don't really (D)care for music, (G)do ya? It (G)goes like this the (C)fourth, the (D)fifth, the (Em)minor fall and the (C)major lift, the (B7)baffled king (B)composing (Em)hallelujah ----------- Ref: (C)Hallelujah, (Em)hallelujah, (C)hallelujah, (G)hallelu - (D)uuu -(G)jah.

pianino4ever: Hey check out my channel I play piano and I'm just starting to upload a bunch of vids :)

I'll probably be posting a cover of this song soon, I've loved it for sooooo long! I know how to play it but I just need to get all the words :)

jurbanski0: your piano tutorial reminds me of a bob ross painting tutorial... and i mean that in a great way because bob ross rocks... may he rest in peace... this was a "happy little song" great job!

calebre: attention everybody when the zombie apocalypse breaks, out meet me in central park, new york city, and bring guns and ammo and anything else that we can kill zombies with. thanks.

DerangedFather: I hear your piano is a bit out of tune and very low, I don't know if it's the thing you're recording with or what but it sounds rubbish and I really want to do that thing you do with the single key left hand bit but my hands are small so I have to do that rythem with both hands so that's a bit inconvenient as there are many songs I'd like to do with that rythem

jell0s: i can play this now thanks to your vid, i can play the cords but cant play the left hand together with the right hand =( any advise ?

all the best

georgia27576: an easy way to remeber these chords is
for each chord say if its A you play A then every 2nd key after that for two notes
for example
A, C, E
just going up by 2

TheresaM89: Um, not sure if that's totally right but when I played it part of it didn't sound right. After I watched it I noticed when he gets high, and correct me if I'm wrong, but on notes, G, A, and B, he doens't roll them bacl like all the other chords.

blazednlovinit: dont know much about music but arnt chords like a measure of tone? the song should be played in the same tone between instruments is my logic?

i'm welcome to a lesson on music though if i'm wrong lol

chippaa: Hm. The way I play Hallelujah is I play the chords with my right hand and the base note with my left, and I prefer that way a little more. I looked up a tutorial because the left hand sounds boring, so I think I might try the arpeggios. Thanks! :)

OMGshinyobject: They really dont take that long to learn. Practice your scales and learn your triad formations and they come pretty naturally and your fingers will know how to fill out a chord as soon as you put your thumb on the root note.

Bonnienicol: This is great! It was so fast and easy to learn and I like that you keep your foot on the pedal it sounds good and it means you can compare yourself to it to hear if you are playing the right thing!

Blackhammer99: Ya I know I came into this really hoping it was gonna be a paramore tutorial but instead it was hallelujah! Geez guess I should have read the title and description of the video.

xletteeex: The Chord Structure Is Wrong For The Second Half Of The Verse It's Actually: C|F|Am|F|G|Em|Am|Am Then It Goes To The Chorus It Fits Better With The Singing x

MrCocoTrix: I'm not trying to be a hater, but it was tough for me to understand you with the echo held the whole time. Also, i don't think the song has quite that echo.... :/

FlamingChicken321: Its originally composed by Leonard Cohen, The cover most people seem to like is Jeff Buckley, the one thats played on piano and also my personal favorite is the cover by rufus

draw09nowsinglater: Could you put up a slower version. I can't tell what notes you are hitting with the right hand.
I have been play for like 1 day, and I can get the chords down. But, I want to play this song, the notes just go to fast up into the climax.

munkkula: thanks i now this has nothing to do with shrek but you really showd how to play the song and i wonder if you could show how to play the circle of life from the lion king

Niickid: tnkx mate this is very helpfull since there are not many good tutorials for this song! got some problems with combining melody and left hand but i just keep practicing :D tnkx again :D!

heyheyhey271993: omg! thankyou so so so much!
i love this song and i've been wanting to learn it for ages!
you made it so easy to learn and i picked it up in like 5 minutes!
again, thanks! :) :)

jhordijk: Nice teaching approach, I placed my version in F to G (the key used in X facter in Holland) . I found it on ear, still have to write the chords down :)

It is a beautiful song!

southsidezz: I would suggest a few inversions in the left hand especially in the lyrics "it goes like this the fourth fifth" so your always going up in overall tone. Also i believe there is a quick shift from "C" to "A harmonic minor", where is there is an Emin it should be an Emaj instead.
G(baffled King com-)
E(-posing halle-)

chicago85thst: there is no one set of chords for any one song. a song can be played in any series of chords as long as its consistent with the key. if you dont like the sound you can just transpose the key

RIDGWAY01: wow ! me and my singing partner do this as a duett and i play a little piano but only by ear, now i am going to learn this and suprise her and play this ! wow thanks dude !

smacateer: i know they are really confusing when you first start learning music.

Basically ever song is composed in a "key" and then songs just use the main chords in that key. confusing i know

for example
Hallelujah is composed in C major
and there are 4 of the main chords
C,F,G, Am
Which is a I,IV,V,vi chord progression
actually i cant be bothered to teach it to you
look it up on wikipedia

Zureiyaa: I don't know if it's the mic but it sounds like you push the pedal too much. Other than that it seems like a good tutorial for those who want to play and are without the actual sheet.

theTuniversity: (it's a bit late to reply) but if you want to sing the tune yourself, then all you need to do is play the left hand notes, and use your voice instead of playing the right hand notes (this isn't the professional way, but it does work well)

AYM9000: Just wanted to say that the left hand is not played like that ^^. I mean the arpeggio is different for C than it is for the rest of the chords. For C you play the root position with the added top C, but for A you play A E A C for the arpeggio. Dunno if you get me. But anyways ^^ Good job!

aprillwillis: thanks sooo much!!! I watched this video 5 times and I've got it down! I learned the song in 2 hours and without notes. thanks again! :3 8oh and I play piano without notes too :-/

mileylover06: A few years ago.Parents were out for dinner.When the babysitter noticed a shadow.She called the parents but halfway through the message all the parents heard was a scream.When they rushed home all they saw was the babysitters?Body on the floor.If you dont put this on 10 other videos he will appear at 3o'clock tonight in your bed

no1andycar5: this was briliant and really easy to follow.
I can now play it on the keyboard and i posted a video just up their of me playing and singing it.^^

whitemusic24: Thanks so much!!! I looked for the sheet music or at least the chords FOREVER, but couldn't find either. This is exactly what I wanted though. I just need to know the chords. So thanks a lot!!! :D

xmakatanakid: I meant it could be as in the song lyrics from hallelujah; "it goes like this-the fourth, the fifth" , or you could be talking about the tutorial as in 'this is how the song goes'. good tutorial btw. sorry for the hard to understand first comment

jpscoey: One of these chords is WRONG! - baseballtiger is correct, & maximw, the chord sequence & notes are as follows: Cmaj = C.E.G.C / Am = A.C.E.A / Fmaj = F.A.C.E / Gmaj = G.B.D.G / Emaj = E.G#.B.E (the trick here is to play the G# as the bass note). As for the actual melody, well you could follow the video as a rough guide, work it out for yourself.... or get the sheet music! Good luck.

baseballtiger: i like this dude. i used it. the only change i made was on the em arpeggio instead of making it minor i made it major. so instead of going from the e to the g i went from the e to the g sharp. try it out that way. it sounds nice

tb0nestk: You're a great teacher...your explanation of individual parts and putting 'em together makes it easy to understand and learn... Great job. Thx for the time

thebunnyboy99: Nice tutorial.
Did you have the right pedal down (Forgot the technical name ! But basically the one that keeps notes going) because it sounded like it.
If you did, I suggest that, even if the song is supposed to have it down, leave it up because the notes were slurred and sometimes hard to hear.
But yeah, pretty good tuorial !

chloeRIOTS: Why did I watch a 5 min vid just to know that??!!! that was rly easy, Im litteraly kickin myself coz I couldnt figure that out haha! Lol xIts rly easy!

Beautiful! (: Nice Piano ;')

xTinyAngel15x: is there any chance that you could write down the notes and send it to me please, i dont mean in sheet music though because i cant read music, i mean like writing C D E... and so on because i'm getting confused with the video :( sorry

darkFuriae: OMG thank you! i have been trying to learn the song from my sheet music for a few hours. i got the right hand down easy but the left hand...well a little difficult but i understand it now. thanks :P

Orgoneblue: Don't trash a perfectly good explanation of how to play this song. If you know so little about music then you need to take a different approach - everything cannot be geared to someone who knows nothing about music - wouldn't that be a bit dull for those who did ? Either find a tutorial at the appropriate level for yourself, or learn some rudimentary music appreciation and come back to this at a later date.

LucyHelyer: i think that it isbettato be a bed wettaand admit it than say nuthin at alli think yu may cryif yur tonguegetstiedwhileall yur friendsthink yur acting like afool

irongut12345: ffs i hate all these crap tutorials, i dont no jack shit of music so how am i suppose to know what majors and minors are, you ar going too fast. how i play is look at how people press keys and copy them and memorise them so i play by memorising keys not knowing shit on msuic

jazzadd: the only little thing for your benifit, is when you change the volume remember that right hand is the hand you want to hear way more than the left, yet at times like 5:37 you can hardly hear right hand cause left arp's are drowning it out. just watch that, but nice tutorial. :)


Ryanadlamrules: wow i know how to play btw u have have to play the left hand faster than u fink and in 1:55 i suggest u play A F+A B B+G hopes this help and its unlucky its on a eletric piano or something

dial4nelf: you have just helped me get a xmas present for my mum! she loves this piece, and i know the right hand tune part, was finding it hard to get the left, thanks so much :)

mr74john: Thanks For Making Sense!!!

It is hard to find someone that explains a tutorial i a way that suits each individual... but yours was just what i needed !!

ccownsusobad: realy good
its actualy a lot simplar than it sounds :D
iv got the hang of the left hand its just puting in the right hand at the same time is wat i struggle a little with
thanks a lot

lostxinxdreams: ive been trying for ages to leearn this on my own. but i cant because i dont know any notes or anything. but this really helped. your advice is really good! and you make it really easy to pick up and learn. cheers xx

kating123: great tutorial!! this really helped me and I recommended your tutorial to my friends and they wanted to say thanks because your tutorial really helped them

piperkm1234: Wow. Thanks so much for posting this. It's amazing. I've been using it to play Hallelujah and, after not too long, I can do it... and I'm not much of a piano player. Thanks a ton!!!!!

kasakstan145: Great tutorial! thanks youve helped me alot! but you should really tell what you are hitting and how many times on the Right hand part....I had some troubles Seeing that Please excuse my Bad english

Sadnhacommunity: there is no such thing as a wrong version to play a cover, this is how to play my cover of the song, shawncheekeasy shows the shrek version which is not what im playing.

xpsruler: Not everyone knows all the terms. I've known people who can play beautiful music and don't know how to read a single note. The world could always use more musicians.

miffe2507: that is kind of complex, take some lessons...

The piano is divided in some scales, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and A(in some countries... in Denmark it's C, D, E, F, G, A, H, C)thats and octav
there are different ways of playing in a C key:

C major -> The happy C


C minor the sad C

Happy and sad, is not the technically terms, its just because a C major sounds more happy or chearfull than the C minor, wich is more sad
it's difficult to explaine without a piano in front of you

chicago85thst: I have made some really bad sheet music and posted it on my website to download. its very basic but if it helps you figure things out you can give it a shot!

xbenjix16x: Nice tutorial... trying playing the right hand
E-G-C-G-C-E... with the C B A on the bass
and then
E-A-C-G-E-C with A B C back up on the left... its sound really awesome

Boloo25: Hey mr. :)
Thanks for a nice tutorial. you are good at it :D
leaned it in around 1 hour by that way you explaining . its lovely..
Have a nice time.

jess1cayami: I can play the song with just the chords and it sounds very well, the first part of the video is really easy to play but then I cant find the right timing with the arpegios and the right hand at the same time, if only I had the sheets.. that would help me a lot haha ... I´ll keep on trying anyways. thanks for sharing with us this tutorial =)

chicago85thst: i know its kinda confusing. you can do it but it just takes time for your brain to get used to it. what you should do first is try playing the song with just straight chords first so you can get a better idea of timing

jess1cayami: I mean, with both hands :S
The arpegios are easy with only the left hand but then I mess up when I try with the right hand at the same time. I´m frustrated cause it sounds so good and I cant do it :(

roxygrrl311: this video is great. i have a question around (2:29-3:19), i see the notes would essentially be e ggg aaa egg aaa...then what exactly comes after it? i just started playing piano and can't keep up. im keep getting lost in the area that follows in the main verse. thanks!

JonR47: Thx 4 this man :D
Nice Job!
P.S.: Try not to put to much sustain in the song u know?
Just wanted to throw that in there but u still did an excellent work!
Keep it up.

emmaz27frutella: oo you're well good!! thankyou soo was a really good tutorial u should make some more :D *pleaseee*'s gonna take some practice for this song but il get it eventually.. THANKYOU AGAIN x

trevor12321: Thank you so much for this lesson. I haven't played the piano in years but I had a burning desire to play this song and your tutorial made it simple for me to pick up yet still beautiful. God Bless

Layez1: Nice and easy instructions on how to play the song....thanks heaps ... keep up the great teaching skill because God has blessed you with this talent...(",)

xandldandl: When you're playing the part with : Well it goes like this the forth the fifth ..... composing Hallelujah. Could u tell me when u play which Chord? I ´know it till the part : The forth (F) the Fifth (G) , but after that i dont know when u start playing which chord with which note
I mean for example : The forth the fifth (G) u play the G chord when u press the B note, and i want to know which notes are pressed when u're playin the Am , The F...Till the part composing hallelujah. Pls help me :(

kajfdhljgahflg: the e minor chord shown in the video is supposed to be an E dominant 7th chord (E, G#, B, D).

also i don't think the F major chord exists. there is an F in the bass note but i think it's a transition note. not entirely sure about this one but it's my personal opinion.

other than that awesome work. i always wanted to transpose the guitar part of this song to piano but i've always been terrible at starting from scratch and now i have a place to start ^_^

HibiddyDibbidy14: let me say, i only play improv so i dont know the chords. but when i figured them out it was easy. You are really good at teaching this, but i get confused in the begining but i bet i'll figure it out.

12loser12: I have a question. When Rufus plays the chorus the final time he changes it. He plays F Am F (something lower) before the normal F Am F CGC. Anyone have a clue what the "something lower" chord is?

hankmcspank: Nice vid, but I have to concur with derekhudson1991 below .... you have a wrong chord in the sequence - the chord I refer to should be E MAJOR as opposed to your E Minor (as in the sequence C, F, G, Am, F, G, E, Major

kaonto: Yeah, definitely not Em. I'd throw in a G-sharp with the left hand (i.e. E/G#) as well. Not sure about the 7 there, but I won't argue.

There is a nice version with Allison Crowe out there that starts with C, F/C, C, F/C instead, that's nice too.

TheWhiplasher: I am trying to learn this song. I found so many versions and one day i decided for one, and the one you play is the one I am learning, but I am having so much trouble with it. I mena, i know the melodi but the ackords are quite hard, do you got any advocie how to do this easy?

klaron0: nice video... but one question. according to the beginning of the video the chord progression is C Am C Am F G C G...C F G Am F G Em Am...F Am F C G C

But when you show it with two hands you play C Am C Am F G Am C...(middle part the same as above)...F Am F C Am C

WolfsoulWoW: YOU ROCK!!! i kinda learnt this by learning it on the guitar then switching it to the piano, but some of the notes were wrong. this showed me what notes to play :D thanks!!

Gl3nno: Thanks for the tutorial!...well explained even I understand it and I am just a beginner who cant even read notes...There is only 1 think I think you made a slight mistake. Thats is when you play the whole song in the end. You wrote that is was F-Am-F and you played F-C-F. Or am I wrong? Great job anyways!

LaurieAK: Thanks so much! I'm about a month into learning to read music and play piano. It is encouraging that I actually understand what you are saying. It will take a lot of practice, but I'll get there. I never would've figured it out on my own. Many thanks. cheers, Laurie

queenidog: Don't listen to those negative comments because the people that made them missed the point. I have the music for Hallelujah and though this version is not the same, the presenter is showing how EASY it is to play using chords. He is a great teacher and I sure wish he was next door to me so I could learn to play better. Good stuff man. Keep it up. I hope you make lots of money teaching others your craft.

teecomb: you don't really need to know cords because it's all white (i think) Put your pinky on the note and a finger on each note, press with your pinky, middle finger and thumb. Viola! Chord.

blue0eyed0wonder: wow, thanks sooo much, im gonna play this at a big family renioun that we are having to mark the anniversy of my older brother's death. he killed himself two years ago and we always have a family get together around his anniversy. he loved music and in the letter he wrote he told us not to let the music fade. thanks soo much for your help, i know my brother is thanking you from heaven too. please make more things like this, you're a really good teacher =]

NorthZephyr: Ok
This tutorial is really awesome
Im transcripting the song into music sheets and guitar tabs for both left and right hands.
I'll eventually post a video and I'll offer the sheets free through email.

chicago85thst, I'll give you credit :)

Thx again

NorthZephyr: woow niice one dude!
I love clear and simple tutorial like this one.
I tried the Shawn Cheek one, but I have to pay for the second part of the song :P

anyway, continue your great job, hope you'll do more tutorials:)

furiouschick: hey is there any possibility that i can have your patience? Because mine is so short that im gonna stop after the second time i do something wrong. -.-; That really sucks you know xD

snailminator: Xt0tallyXr0cknX, I don't know the chords either, because in my country they are called differently...So I have no idea what F G or E stands for, but I just paused it after every chord and wrote it down as I see should try it too

Thanks very much for the tutorial, you're great!

LunaTheLoony: Oh,I haven't tried that rhythm on this song.I mean adding a tune on the chords.I shall give it a go as soon as I get to my piano! Thanks for inspiring me LOL XD

chicago85thst: i dont have a camera but my style for playing it is the same as this song.
double arpeggios of D, Bm,G, A with that 4th extension

and the melody is d,e,d,e,f#,e,d,d,a,c#,e,f#,d

over that progression

elliottsmithxo: Thanks so much for taking the time to post this tutorial. It's very simple & concise. I really like the chord-arpeggio style; it works so perfectly for this song. I know I'll be just one of many shouting out requests, but an Unchained Melody tutorial would be fantastic. There is one up on youtube, but I would highly prefer your style (judging by the vid of you playing it).

JulzIsSmall: Thankyouuuu!
I'm doing a duet with my mate on this song. I sing in the band. So she needed to know how to play the piano part.
This helped alot!
Thanks mate

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